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This Song Is The Perfect Response To Men Who Think Periods Are Gross

"I need to eat some high-carb shit / 'Cos my emotions hurt a bit."

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And of course, the backwards attitude some men have towards it.

Skit Box / NBC / ABC

This particular sketch was also written in collaboration with Christiaan Van Vuuren, "so a lot of the lines are channeling male fears and confusion about the issue", Bishop told BuzzFeed News.

For the writers, it was also a play on the expectations of female comedians. "There's this stereotype that all we write is period jokes," Bishop said. "So we decided to confront that stigma head-on by dedicating a whole rap song to cover every aspect of the issue."

Skit Box / NBC / ABC

"We first premiered it at our live show – we would end it by saying 'wow, as female comedians we managed to get through a whole show without one period joke' – then we would launch into this song."

You can watch the whole thing here.

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