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    This Song Is The Perfect Response To Men Who Think Periods Are Gross

    "I need to eat some high-carb shit / 'Cos my emotions hurt a bit."

    If you've ever gone through the monthly ordeal known as a period and felt like you should be embarrassed by it despite it being totally natural, this song may strike a chord with you.

    Skit Box / NBC / ABC

    It's part of the upcoming TV show Wham Bam Thank You Ma'am, written by Australian comedians Adele Vuko, Sarah Bishop, and Greta Lee Jackson (who star in and directed it).

    Skit Box / NBC / ABC

    It perfectly captures the stress-buying that comes with the monthly emptying of your uterus.

    Skit Box / NBC / ABC

    As well as the stress-eating.

    Skit Box / NBC / ABC

    And of course, the backwards attitude some men have towards it.

    Skit Box / NBC / ABC

    This particular sketch was also written in collaboration with Christiaan Van Vuuren, "so a lot of the lines are channeling male fears and confusion about the issue", Bishop told BuzzFeed News.

    Not to mention this very informative and scientific graphic about what makes up a period.

    Skit Box / NBC / ABC


    For the writers, it was also a play on the expectations of female comedians. "There's this stereotype that all we write is period jokes," Bishop said. "So we decided to confront that stigma head-on by dedicating a whole rap song to cover every aspect of the issue."

    Skit Box / NBC / ABC

    "We first premiered it at our live show – we would end it by saying 'wow, as female comedians we managed to get through a whole show without one period joke' – then we would launch into this song."

    You can watch the whole thing here.

    View this video on YouTube

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