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    19 Pictures Everyone Who Was Addicted To Myspace Will Remember

    *RAWR* xD

    1. The most exciting thing you could come home to after school:

    2. The aesthetic of glitter GIFs:

    3. The drama of choosing your top eight:

    Maybe you were particularly diplomatic and pasted bits of HTML code specifically to hide it, but you still had to choose.

    4. The little rush you got when you saw this next to your crush's profile:

    5. The important task of choosing the perfect profile song:

    It was either Heartbeats by José González or Hey There Delilah by Plain White T's.

    6. Listing literally every single band you know in your music section:

    7. Taking 345,343,323,232 pictures on your digital camera until you took the perfect one:

    when you log into your old Myspace and see this cringey edge

    8. Having a truly remarkable side parting:

    9. "Rawr" somehow being a significant part of your vocabulary:

    10. Picture comments being currency:

    11. Writing long, vague bulletins:

    12. You had a separate page for your band and hoped someone from Sony would discover it soon:

    um... so I was once in a band. and this was a photo we took. and our music is still on myspace.

    13. Learning basic coding skills from customising your profile:

    14. Really going all out on the eyeliner:

    Need some more eye liner? I think you missed a spot #myspace 😂

    15. Watermarking your profile pictures with your user number so people knew it was ~really you~:

    16. The feeling that this stage of your life was perhaps your peak:

    My social media peak was when I took my MySpace profile picture of me on MySpace

    17. Tagging your friends in one of these things:

    18. The pain of having to transition to Facebook:

    I obviously had a very hard time transitioning from MySpace to Facebook #tbt 😂

    19. And, of course, Tom:

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