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    19 Pictures Everyone Who Was Addicted To Myspace Will Remember

    *RAWR* xD

    1. The most exciting thing you could come home to after school:

    2. The aesthetic of glitter GIFs:

    3. The drama of choosing your top eight:

    4. The little rush you got when you saw this next to your crush's profile:

    5. The important task of choosing the perfect profile song:

    6. Listing literally every single band you know in your music section:

    7. Taking 345,343,323,232 pictures on your digital camera until you took the perfect one:

    when you log into your old Myspace and see this cringey edge

    8. Having a truly remarkable side parting:

    9. "Rawr" somehow being a significant part of your vocabulary:

    10. Picture comments being currency:

    11. Writing long, vague bulletins:

    12. You had a separate page for your band and hoped someone from Sony would discover it soon:

    um... so I was once in a band. and this was a photo we took. and our music is still on myspace.

    13. Learning basic coding skills from customising your profile:

    14. Really going all out on the eyeliner:

    Need some more eye liner? I think you missed a spot #myspace 😂

    15. Watermarking your profile pictures with your user number so people knew it was ~really you~:

    16. The feeling that this stage of your life was perhaps your peak:

    My social media peak was when I took my MySpace profile picture of me on MySpace

    17. Tagging your friends in one of these things:

    18. The pain of having to transition to Facebook:

    I obviously had a very hard time transitioning from MySpace to Facebook #tbt 😂

    19. And, of course, Tom: