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    Literally Just 19 Pictures That Prove Hedgehogs Are Ridiculously Cute

    Not that anyone should need convincing of their cuteness, tbh.

    1. This perfect baby:

    2. This furious little fighter:

    3. This ridiculously cute meet and greet:

    4. This stunning ring:

    5. This musical prodigy:

    6. This pampered li'l guy:

    7. This explorer:

    8. This cozy guy:

    9. This toothy grin:

    10. This peaceful zen master:

    11. This persistent trooper:

    12. This moody teacup:

    13. This cutie, all curled up:

    14. This cheeky little guy:

    16. This little guy, who's got the right idea:

    17. This flying ball of cuteness:

    18. And of course, this inspiring little guy:

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