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21 Pictures You Really Shouldn't Look At If You Love And Cherish Your Makeup

RIP to all the beauty blenders mistaken for chew toys by dogs.

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3. This guilty party:

3rd beauty blender this month... it’s final, dog for sale.


6. This rascal:

he stepped in my fucking highlighter

7. This carnage:

I was so happy about your palette and I came home after only a few days of having it to my dog destroying it. Thankfully it's still usable, but look 😭😭😭😭 I cried @bretmanrock #MorpheXBretman


12. This unfortunate result of an itchy eye:

I accidentally scratched my eyeball it hurts so bad and now my makeup is ruined 😩😩😩

15. This beauty blender, tragically mistaken for a chew toy:

bro my dog chewed up my beauty blender wtf


17. This massacre:

Who wants a dog? Mine apparently thinks it’s cool to eat my @Jaclynhill palette!


21. And finally, this rookie mistake we've all made, repeatedly:

Forgot I Was Wearing Mascara and Then Rubbed My Eyes: A Memoir