21 Pictures You Really Shouldn't Look At If You Love And Cherish Your Makeup

    RIP to all the beauty blenders mistaken for chew toys by dogs.

    1. This tragedy that not only took the life of perfectly good powder, but of a perfectly good brush holder, too:

    2. This awful mess:

    3. This guilty party:

    3rd beauty blender this month... it’s final, dog for sale.

    4. This heartbreak:

    5. This pen that wasn't a twist-up:

    6. This rascal:

    he stepped in my fucking highlighter

    7. This carnage:

    I was so happy about your palette and I came home after only a few days of having it to my dog destroying it. Thankfully it's still usable, but look 😭😭😭😭 I cried @bretmanrock #MorpheXBretman https://t.co/FWCk3azM2W

    8. This badly timed sneeze:

    9. This absolute nightmare:

    10. This result of an artistic niece:

    11. This glamorous dog that decided to mix up its look:

    12. This unfortunate result of an itchy eye:

    I accidentally scratched my eyeball it hurts so bad and now my makeup is ruined 😩😩😩

    13. This cream, taken from us far too soon:

    14. This heart-wrenching mistake:

    15. This beauty blender, tragically mistaken for a chew toy:

    bro my dog chewed up my beauty blender wtf

    16. This scissor-happy niece:

    17. This massacre:

    Who wants a dog? Mine apparently thinks it’s cool to eat my @Jaclynhill palette!

    18. This beautiful lipstick, which tragically lost its life to a dog:

    19. This waking nightmare:

    20. This rosy, but very guilty-looking culprit:

    21. And finally, this rookie mistake we've all made, repeatedly:

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