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    21 Lines From "Seinfeld" That Prove We're All George Costanza

    "It's not a lie if you believe it."

    1. This competitive streak:

    2. This bold proclamation:

    3. This realisation:

    4. This life hack:

    5. This reaction to any flirtation:

    6. This confession:

    7. This sick burn:

    8. These slight hoarding tendencies:

    9. This self-awareness:

    10. This optimism:

    11. This low tolerance to kindness:


    12. This aesthetic:

    13. This feeling you only get after an argument:

    14. This ideology:

    15. This very relatable desire:

    16. These interests:

    17. These two enticing words:

    18. This solid logic:

    19. This confusion:

    20. This mild over-reaction:

    21. This self-acceptance: