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17 Golden Retrievers Who Will Massively Improve Your Life

You need something to break up all those pictures of avocados and eggs.

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1. Antonio, who is the most perfect, golden angel.

Instagram: @antoniothegolden

2. Ollie, who's clearly a very skilled escapologist:

Instagram: @oliverandcmpany

3. Mango, a beautiful boy with the most perfect dog name:

Instagram: @sunshine

8. Harley is a great source of style inspiration:

Instagram: @lifeofharleythedog

9. Terry, who's really perfected the "puppy-eye" look:

11. Lizzie and Ally put all other relationships TO SHAME:

Instagram: @lizzie

13. Buddy, seen here taking a giant leap for puppy-kind:

Instagram: @buddy_norcal_golden

14. These two are the most wholesome retriever family:

Instagram: @annabelle_nashville

15. Jesse, who seems to have the most malleable face ever:

Instagram: @waffleslego

16. Oakley, who is definitely the definition of a Good Boy:

Instagram: @mypupoakley

17. And Riptide, who you've probably already seen participating in this exercise class:

Instagram: @riptidetheretriever