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    16 Times The Gilmore Girls Were Actually Kind Of Awful

    I love them, but they're also terrible.

    1. Every time Lorelai acted like Emily asking for her and Rory's time on Friday evenings in exchange for thousands of dollars for Rory's tuition was completely unreasonable.

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    The audacity of that woman! How dare she want to spend time with her daughter and granddaughter! Others would have done the polite thing and asked their daughter to pay the money back, with interest on top, but nooo , Emily must simply insist on spending quality time with her only child and granddaughter.

    2. Every time Lorelai rolled her eyes at Friday night dinner and acted like she alone was burdened with parents who asked probing questions at dinner, and because of this they were the worst.

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    Being forced to eat vegetables you're not a huge fan of while being asked probing questions by your parents is one of the most universal human experiences.

    3. When Rory had sex with a married man and refused to admit that it was a really bad thing to do.

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    "I dated him for a few years as a teen and that entitles me to his time, love, and body forevermore regardless of all others who may be implicated by these actions, because he's my Dean."

    4. When Rory then ran away to travel around Europe with her grandmother even though she knew it would upset her mother, all because Lorelai had the gall to point out that sleeping with someone else's husband is not cool.

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    Lorelai was just reacting the way any mother would, tbh.

    5. Every time Rory acted like she was a plain and simple country bumpkin next to Logan, when in fact she was, like, 5% less rich.

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    If a rich person recognises your family name and scoffs at it because it has a slightly less posh legacy, you're still a rich person.

    6. When Lorelai publicly humiliated her mother by comparing her to a bloody dictator in a magazine interview.

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    How can you be a woman in your 30s and still think your mother is comparable to a brutal dictator because she wanted you to wear nice dresses instead of going to rock concerts when you were growing up?

    7. When Lorelai acted like her parents wanting to buy a house for her and Luke to live in was the worst thing they could have done.

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    It was a genuinely a kind gesture and showed that one some level, they accepted Luke.

    8. Every time Lorelai put Rory in a position in which she had to choose between her and her grandparents.

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    Like when Lorelai assumed that Emily forced Rory into being presented at a debutante ball, rather than realising that Rory was doing it to make her grandmother happy.

    9. Every time Lorelai didn't pay Luke for whatever coffee or food she had at the café.

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    Look, I know it's a TV show, and we'd all like to live in such a tight knit community that the local café owner trusts you to pour your own coffee as you share some witty banter, but I don't think she ever once paid him? The finances are tight in the service industry, that's why you should tip! Especially for a small business owner!

    10. When Lorelai decided to run away instead of telling someone she didn't want to marry them, like an adult.

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    It is a pretty universally accepted thing that ditching someone at the altar is an awful thing to do, you would think a full grown adult would realise this and just do the decent thing and break up with someone face to face.

    11. The time Lorelai ran away from home because she didn't like her parents, regardless of the wellbeing of her newborn.

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    Yes, it's undeniably admirable to choose to leave behind a life of comfort and build something for yourself from the ground up. However, living in a shed with a newborn feels like a rash decision and one that could have done with some thinking through. Her success is admirable and noble but her motivations were ultimately actually quite selfish and childish.

    12. Every time Lorelai treated Sooki as a handmaiden.

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    Like when she convinced Sookie to start a catering business, which would mean a lot of labour-intensive work for the very pregnant Sookie.

    13. Every time the Gilmore girls make fat jokes, despite being very vocal about their diet of pure junk.

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    Although tbf, fat jokes are never an okay thing.

    14. The time Rory acts like Emily did The Worst Thing Ever when she snuck into her dorm and redecorated the whole place as a well-intentioned surprise.

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    Can you imagine being so rich that you're annoyed at your grandmother for buying you lots of new furniture and surprising you with it??

    15. When Rory had a totally disproportionate reaction to Mitchum saying that he personally didn't think she was good enough to be a journalist.

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    Imagine being so used to only receiving praise that it takes you until your twenties to come across someone who doubts you, and that causes you to completely reassess everything you know about yourself.

    16. When Rory stole a boat and was shocked that she would be punished for stealing a boat.

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    Who could have known that committing a crime would result in being punished for having committed a crime? Truly, a revelation.

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