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    21 Tumblr Posts Everyone Who Really Fucking Loves Dogs Will Get

    *sees a dog* *gentle gasp*

    1. This priority:

    2. This wisdom:

    3. This victimless crime:

    4. This wonderful omen:

    5. This fitspo:

    6. This proposal we can all get behind:

    7. This ideal date:

    8. This heartbreak:

    9. This relatable Disney character:

    10. This flirting technique:

    11. This genuine concern:

    12. This needless apology:

    13. This love poem:

    14. This tragedy that will always make you cry:

    15. This appropriate reaction:

    16. This potential Tinder bio:

    17. This million-dollar idea:

    18. This dream friendship group:

    19. This clarification:

    20. This thing you do on a regular basis, without fail:

    21. And this letter you would probably write: