21 Botanical Tattoo Designs You're About To Be Obsessed With

    You'll want to get all of them immediately.

    1. These lovely leaves.

    2. These tiny hidden flowers.

    3. These beautiful poppies.

    4. This delicate magnolia.

    5. These sweet forget-me-nots.

    6. This beautiful, watercolour-like piece.

    7. This minimalist rose.

    8. This tiny hand tattoo.

    9. This detailed palm tree.

    10. This delicate bouquet.

    11. This floral moon.

    12. This delicate but large design, which demonstrates the effectiveness of negative space.

    13. This incredible snapdragon tattoo.

    14. This simple fern leaf.

    15. This abstract, single-line poppy.

    16. This cute little palm tree.

    17. This pretty lemon branch.

    18. This gorgeous nature scene.

    19. This magnolia, inspired by Ellsworth Kelly's minimalist drawings.

    20. These lovely lavender sprigs.

    21. And this line-free beautiful rose.