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17 Animals That Have Had Enough Of 2016

They too, have had enough.

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1. This pupper, who's floating right out of 2016.

2. This guinea pig, who is ready to start a better life.

Instagram: @fouradventurers

3. This stylish diva, who is strutting on out of this hell year.

Instagram: @cool

4. This froggo, who has had ENOUGH.

5. This crane, making a swift but easy getaway from 2016.

6. These cuties, no doubt gathering to celebrate the end of this terrible year.

7. This fluffrino, disappearing into a leathery void like we all wish we could.

11. This big boof, who's really going to go for it at on New Year's Eve.

12. This doggo, who's been really shattered by 2016 and is just counting down the seconds at this point.

13. This hedgehog, who's leaving and taking the curtains with him.

Instagram: @smboyle1989