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23 Jokes You'll Relate To If All You Do Is Eat And Sleep

"I love sleep because it's like a time machine to breakfast."

1. This winner:

2. This accurate summary of your interests:

3. These changing seasons:

4. This wonderful feeling:

5. The one thing you always have to look forward to:

6. These unattainable goals:

7. The best way to wake you up from a nap:

8. This summary of life in general:

9. This seduction technique:

10. This missed opportunity:

11. This true love:

12. This scientific explanation:

13. This love life:

14. This patronus:

15. This mad rush:

16. This dedication:

17. This guy, who is the opposite of a time traveller:

18. This principle to live by:

19. This reaction:

20. This hero of our time:

21. This routine:

22. These high standards:

23. This magic: