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BuzzFeed Illustrating Middle Childhood

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This image is illustrating the topic of bullying covered in class. Bullying not only happens in schools but also online which is called cyber bullying. The frozen princess who is the queen of cool is saying that it is actually not cool to bully and to stop doing it. Despite the funny meme, the serious look on Elsa’s face goes with the serious topic of bullying. This is related to the class as it covers the topic of bullying that was in the peer relationship slides.

This picture illustrates the topic of emotional development and temperament covered in class. In class and watching the movie Inside out, we learned about children learning how to express their emotions. They should not hide their emotions as we all feel sad and angry at times. This funny picture accurately confirms what is in the course notes. She does have the right to be angry after getting woken up because one she is four and is not full capable of understanding her emotions and two because who wouldn’t be angry if they got woken up early.

This image illustrates the topic of physical development of kids covered in class. It is recommended for kids to have sixty minutes of exercise each day. Only 25% of kids meet the recommendation. It is so common for kids to play inside all day with all the technology there is. It is important though, that they go outside and play. This image fits the issue that kids are not getting enough physical activity. There are other ways to be active besides being outside but it is one of the most convenient and easiest ways for children to be playing actively. This image displays the issue of kids spending too much time inside in a humorous way resulting in a decrease in physical activity.

This image illustrates the topic of sibling relationships. Sibling fighting peaks in middle childhood and declines by adolescence. Even though this picture is not of children it shows that all siblings have conflict and it never officially ends. It does though occur less and less and people grow older. Opposite genders have more conflict and boys argue more than girls.

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