So, "That '70s Show" Is Getting A '90s-Set Spinoff, And I'm Not Entirely Sure How To Feel About It

    Netflix, you will be hearing from me (this is not a threat — I just need details).

    Hellooooooooooooo Wisconsin!

    For those of you who've had the pleasure of viewing That '70s Show (for me, during after-school reruns, when I was certainly too young to be viewing it — for others, when it aired on Fox in the late '90s), rejoice, I guess?

    Four members of the cast sitting around a restaurant table

    For some baffling reason, the beloved series focusing on a group of — as Red (Kurtwood Smith) would call them — "delinquents" is getting a spinoff!

    As you'll remember, the original series — which ran for eight seasons, though we like to ignore that last one — sees main characters Eric, Donna, Jackie, Fez, Kelso, and Hyde doing things that normal '70s teens do. There's sex, there's smoke in the background of their circle (weed!), and there are Star Wars homages.

    The cast dressed up as Star Wars characters

    Now, for some background info: That '90s Show (LOL) will see Red and Kitty (Debra Jo Rupp) reprise their roles, as Leia Forman (yup, that's Eric and Donna's daughter) visits her grandparents in the summer of (you guessed it) 1995.

    Red and Kitty smile at each other as they stand in the kitchen

    So far, Netflix has ordered 10 episodes of the multi-cam spinoff, which will see Leia bond with a new generation of Point Place kids under the same strict dynamic her parents experienced.

    Much of the original team behind the series is back, with That '70s Show creators Bonnie Turner and Terry Turner and their daughter Lindsey Turner serving as writers and executive producers. Original producer Gregg Mettler will also write, in addition to serving as executive producer and showrunner. Debra and Kurtwood will also be executive producing in addition to starring.

    Mila Kunis' character putting makeup on Ashton Kutcher's character

    And, as expected, the people™️ (aka Twitter) have a lot to say:

    Free the Millennial generation from the shackles of reboots and sequels

    Twitter: @VeeAlmighty / @getFANDOM / Fox / Via Twitter: @VeeAlmighty

    Yeah, so, uh, who's sending the Netflix party link?

    I have a feeling this is gonna be absolutely terrible and I’ll still watch every episode

    Twitter: @scrappydoosucks / Variety / Fox / Via Twitter: @scrappydoosucks

    *Shudders* I completely blanked out this series in my memory and would like to never revisit it again, thanks.

    war flashbacks de that '80s show

    Twitter: @Marlonjpineda / Variety / Fox / Via Twitter: @Marlonjpineda


    Yeah well I’m making a spin-off called That ‘00s Show and you can’t stop me

    Twitter: @caitiedelaney / Variety / Fox / Via Twitter: @caitiedelaney

    The plot will be...

    @Variety I already know everything "That 90s Show" will have to offer thanks to Family Guy.

    Twitter: @GrimnoGhost / Via Twitter: @GrimnoGhost

    Reportedly what happens in N*tflix headquarters.

    @Variety Young Screenwriter: “I’ve got this great original idea for a series, it’s not a remake either!” TV Exec:

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    Meanwhile, some people (me) just want the original show back on Netflix:

    @FilmUpdates can they just put that 70s show back on netflix

    Twitter: @karlabxby

    Still, others were hopefully optimistic:

    The best news I’ve heard all week #HelloWisconsin

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    I’ll watch it for Kitty and Red

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    And perhaps this narrative continuity bodes well:

    @Variety Eric foreman would name his daughter Leia lol I appreciate the narrative continuity

    Twitter: @Grace_irla / Via Twitter: @Grace_irla

    What do you think? Will the series be a hit or flop completely? Will you be watching anyway? LMK in the comments!