Joe Jonas Wore A 2007-Style Wig, Put On A Million Scarves, And Perfected His Smize In A TikTok Tribute To The Jonas Brothers' "S.O.S."

    When I tell you I am obsessed with this video...

    Behold, Joe Jonas: one-third of the Jonas Brothers, one-fourth of dance-rock band DNCE, and — most personal to me — husband to Sophie Turner.

    Joe dancing on stage

    I've gathered you here today because the mid-2000s (and current) heartthrob is rewinding the clock back to 2007.

    Yes, it is once again the age of horrible fashion choices in the form of multi-layered bright clothing.

    Joe wearing a long-sleeved shirt, tie, and a brightly colored jacket as he poses with his brothers for a photo

    Well, in his most recent TikTok, Joe celebrated tomorrow's 14th anniversary of the Jonas Brothers' iconic single, "S.O.S."

    Before you ask — the video is ripped straight out of a 2007 time machine: straightened hair, Joe strutting and smizing with purpose, and about at least five different-colored and mismatched scarves.



    Joe is wearing several dark and light colored scarves with various prints

    All I want to know is if Sophie helped him greenlight this decision or was involved in any way, shape, or form.

    Anyway, bye, I'm going to continue watching this video on loop and probably write a dissertation on its cultural significance.