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    Amber Tamblyn Says She Identifies With Britney Spears' "Rage" Against Toxicity Of Fame

    "As someone who has experienced a small taste of what Britney has gone through, I know that what she has done is a profoundly radical act."

    It's been four days since Britney Spears detailed the abuse she's faced as a result of her father's 13-year conservatorship, and celebrities are speaking out in support of the pop icon in droves.

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    The latest celebrity to join the resounding support is actor, writer, and director Amber Tamblyn, best known for her role in Joan of Arcadia. In an op-ed for the New York Times, she detailed how she identifies with Britney and called out the "toxic" culture that fame breeds.

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    Amber began acting at the age of 10 and started making "real, substantial money" in her early twenties when her parents became her managers. Her earnings paid for her family's expenses, including bills: "When it finally came time to disentangle our personal and professional relationships, it was deeply painful for all three of us."

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    While Amber makes clear that her journey is not the same as Britney's, given that she had a healthy relationship with her parents, she wrote that there are still some "parallels."

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    "Having seen some of the complications and consequences that come with finding fame and financial success at a young age, I can attest to how challenging this combination of factors can be to navigate, even for those with the best of intentions," she continued. "I also know how much potential they have to turn toxic, and how vulnerable they can make a young woman."

    While Amber says her parents managed her career in an "ethical" way, it was still "damaging" to their relationship: "I was everyone’s A.T.M.: a bank that was, nonetheless, unconditionally loved. Still, as I got older, it got harder to trust the source of that love," she revealed.

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    Aside from lacking fiscal control over her professional life, Amber said her body was also micromanaged: "I’d grin and bear it, because staying silent — and thin — meant I would get hired again," she continued.

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    (Britney Spears detailed that she wasn't allowed to remove her IUD, even though she wanted to have more children.)

    "As someone who has experienced a small taste of what Britney has gone through, I know that what she has done is a profoundly radical act — one that I hope will ripple through the bodies and bank accounts of women across industries for generations to come," Amber wrote. "By speaking up, she has reminded us that our autonomy, both bodily and fiscal, is worth fighting for."

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    She ended her op-ed in a call to action, telling readers, "Now, it's really up to us to listen."

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    To read Amber's article in full, click here.

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