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13-Year-Old Rayssa Leal Won Second Place In Women's Skateboarding, And You May Know Her From Somewhere

She is HBO's Betty in real life.

Everyone stop what you're doing right now — we need to talk about Rayssa Leal.

She's an icon. She is the moment. She is a 13-year-old skateboarder from Brazil and a newly minted silver medalist in women's street skateboarding.

Rayssa smiling and posing with her medal

I'm going to pause for a second so you truly get it. She's literally 13. THIRTEEN!!!

Rayssa pumping her fist after a great run

Naturally, she celebrated the win on her Instagram, captioning the photo in Portuguese, "We made history."

She continued, "I don't know how to explain everything I'm experiencing. I only know how to thank you🙏🏽. Thank you God🙏🏽. Thank you family, friends, @cbskskate and to all of you who cheered a lot🤩🇧🇷💚💛."

Rayssa flying high during one of her runs at the Olympics

After being asked a question about her medaling, she said, “I don’t want to have responsibility. I want to go on being the lively little girl I am for all of Brazil.”

And while she's making history in Tokyo, there's somewhere else you might have seen her.

The one and only Vine.

Twitter: @Olympics / Via Twitter: @Olympics

Yup — Rayssa went viral on the since-defunct platform (RIP) back when she was 8, with a little help from skating legend Tony Hawk. She's known as the "Little Skateboard Fairy," given that her outfit of choosing was a sparkly blue pixie dress complete with fairy wings.

I don't know anything about this but it's awesome: a fairytale heelflip in Brazil by #RayssaLeal (via @oliverbarton)

Rayssa Leal/Vine / Twitter: @tonyhawk

The determination and grit is just unmatched.

Just look at her go.


A woman reacting excitedly to Rayssa in her fairy costume

Here she is in another video, just absolutely soaring and flying.

Rayssa Leal shredding at the #Tokyo2020 Olympics is so cool. She burst onto the scene wearing fairy wings and tutus and now at 13 will be on the medal podium.

Twitter: @BensHoops / Via Twitter: @BensHoops

And here are just a bunch of shots of her being the coolest.

And here.

Rayssa holding her skateboard up in the air

Here too.

A closeup of Rayssa looking serious during competition

An icon.

And this too.

Absolutely wild to think about how this is just the beginning for her.

Here, Rayssa congratulates Japan's Momiji Nishiya — who is also 13 — on her gold medal win.

🥇 Japan's Momiji Nishiya 🥈 Brazil's Rayssa Leal Both medalists in women's street skateboarding. Both 13 years old. 🤯 🎥: @NBCOlympics

Twitter: @TheAthletic / Via Twitter: @TheAthletic

I'm absolutely obsessed with this sisterhood and camaraderie.

Simply put:

Rayssa Leal, 13, Olympic silver medalist for Brazil.

Twitter: @szechuan / Via Twitter: @szechuan

To watch Rayssa's full performance, click here.