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    31 Gorgeous Furniture Upgrades For Your Grown Up Apartment

    Fancy up your apartment for cheap.

    Jenny Chang / BuzzFeed

    1. Gild accent drawers with some adhesive and inexpensive gold foil:

    These are done with this foil, which is just $10.65 for 10 feet. Get the tutorial here.

    2. Top a basic bookshelf with crown molding to make it look built-in:

    See how she did this to an Ikea Billy bookcase here.

    3. Distress a cabinet with the help of a little petroleum jelly:

    Learn how to get the look in just an afternoon here.

    4. Fix up a kid's table with wrapping paper and durable paint:

    If you're wanting to go even cheaper, you could skip the metallic seats on the chairs and paint them to match the rest of the wood (and use less expensive wrapping paper). Get the tutorial here.

    5. Replace the legs on your current sofa:

    See how to do it here.

    6. Then tuft the cushions:

    Get the instructions here. The blogger sells buttons that match the Ikea sofa she owns, but you can also pick out fabric covered buttons that work for your own furniture (or grab an inexpensive kit and fabric to make your own).

    7. Dress up a side table in contact paper and spray paint:

    You can use whatever combination of spray paint and contact paper your heart desires. See how to do it here.

    8. Replace your boring dome light with a pretty lampshade:

    They made this for only $32! Get the how-to here.

    9. Sand and paint an old wooden chair to make it new again:

    This tutorial calls for chalk paint, but you can use any outdoor safe paint that you'd like. Get the tutorial here.

    10. Paint an old lampshade any color you want:

    You can do black for a ~classy~ redo, or go colorful in the kid's room. Get the tutorial here.

    11. Mod Podge a graphic fabric onto a simple wooden chair:

    Find a thrift store chair and some affordable cotton fabric, and ta-da! Instant custom piece. Learn how to make it here.

    12. Or paint and recover a classic folding chair:

    This one takes some time and effort (and a staple gun), but is insanely gorgeous at the end. Get the how-to here.

    13. Frame your bathroom mirror with baseboard trim:

    The tutorial includes instructions for cutting the trim yourself, but you can also take careful measurements and ask your hardware store to cut it for you. See how to make it happen here.

    14. Spray paint $8 curtain rods gold (and pretend they're from West Elm):

    See how they did it here.

    15. Then turn your can of spray paint to your metal shelf brackets and metal-frame desk:

    Bonus tip: the Ikea Vittsjö laptop table and laptop stand make perfect nesting tables. From here.

    16. Screw brass casters to the bottom of a cheap shelf for an instant bar cart slash portable bookcase:

    The big brass drawer pulls that serve as the handles of this cart are a little pricey, but you can skip those if you prefer. Learn how to make this happen here.

    17. Paint a wire basket and flip it over for a modern accent table:

    (You'll have to top it with a circle of wood, of course). Get the tutorial here.

    18. Stitch trim onto your chairs to make them look extra ~fancy~:

    (These chairs were also painted, but the trim is the coolest part here). See the surprisingly simple step-by-step tutorial here.

    19. Stick washi tape to your bookcase for effortless gold edging:

    See the tutorial here.

    20. Or add legs to your shelf to make it ~pop~:

    Sarah Hearts /

    See the tutorial here.

    21. Add pattern to the sides of your dresser drawers with scrapbook paper:

    Or any patterned paper you like. See how here.

    22. Stack up some cheap crates to make a custom bookshelf:

    See how to do this here. You can get crates like this at Ikea, Michael's, and Target (and of course many other places).

    23. Or update your current bookshelf with a backsplash of removable wallpaper:

    See how here. This tutorial uses Wallternatives reusable wallpaper, but here are ten other removable wallpaper shops to check out.

    24. Cover a sheet of MDF board with affordable fabric for a homemade headboard:

    25. Or upgrade a headboard you already have with Stikwood:

    You could also apply the peel-and-stick wood strips to a sheet of MDF board, or (if you're not renting your place), directly to your wall. Get the tutorial here.

    26. Use scrap leather to make pretty modern drawer pulls:

    They also painted this desk, obviously. See how to make the handles happen here.

    27. Stick Velcro strips to the back of Lego boards to make an awesome Lego table:

    Using an Ikea table, of course. Read the tutorial here.

    28. Mask off the top half of an old step stool and paint it white:

    Laura Gallant / Buzzfeed / Via

    You can also stain the other half, if you like. See how she did it (plus several other Ikea hacks) here.

    29. Top off your Bestå system with reclaimed wood planks:

    Debbie Treloar /

    You can stain them, or not. See more of this beautiful home here.

    30. Swap out the default knobs and screw on a few flat corner braces for a brand-new dresser:

    You can also paint it, of course. (This is a recurring theme in furniture makeovers for very obvious reasons). Get the how-to here.

    31. Or go for the playfully glam look and make knobs out of plastic dinosaurs:

    Ashley Poskin /

    Or anything else, like vintage salt and pepper shakers. See the tutorial here.