15 Sippy Cups For People Who Suck At Not Spilling Things

    Party foul no more!

    1. This red solo cup.

    2. This protected wine glass.

    3. This lid that turns any cup into a sippy cup.

    4. These personalized, hipster-but-not mason jars.

    5. These bright backyard-ready "Sassy Grown-Up" cups.

    6. This super fratty insulated plastic beer stein.

    7. These pretty purple mason jars with metal straws.

    8. This prep-tastic monogramed stemless wine cup.

    9. These chevron-striped sippy "milk bottles" (aka "sangria bottles").

    10. This ASCII bunny aluminum bottle.

    11. This glittery-AF monogrammed tumbler.

    12. This wine glass that wants to sing along with you.

    13. These martini glasses that come with spill-proof lids.

    14. These mason jars with screw-on chalkboard lids.

    15. This glass that really knows what Friday's all about.

    Now go forth and spill no more!