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    15 Sippy Cups For People Who Suck At Not Spilling Things

    Party foul no more!

    1. This red solo cup.

    Actually spill-proof, and only $8. Buy it here.

    2. This protected wine glass.

    3. This lid that turns any cup into a sippy cup.

    Use your favorite glass, but make it spill-proof. $19.95 for a set of three, here.

    4. These personalized, hipster-but-not mason jars.

    $9 each, here.

    5. These bright backyard-ready "Sassy Grown-Up" cups.

    You can "sip anywhere around the rim with ease." $7.64 for two of them: Get them here.

    6. This super fratty insulated plastic beer stein.

    (You might be judged if you drink from this one, though). Buy it for $16.99 here.

    7. These pretty purple mason jars with metal straws.

    Just remember to pick up some pipe cleaners so you can actually wash them. $40 for a set of 4, here.

    8. This prep-tastic monogramed stemless wine cup.

    $20 for one (but it's personalized!) here

    9. These chevron-striped sippy "milk bottles" (aka "sangria bottles").

    You can choose between gold and silver. $12 each, here.

    10. This ASCII bunny aluminum bottle.

    This will definitely get you all the dates. Buy it for $12.99 here.

    11. This glittery-AF monogrammed tumbler.

    Which of these cups is the *most* prep-tastic? Get this one for $18,

    12. This wine glass that wants to sing along with you.

    13. These martini glasses that come with spill-proof lids.

    This way you get every last drop of gin to yourself. Get it here, $34.95 for a set of 4 glasses and 4 lids.

    14. These mason jars with screw-on chalkboard lids.

    "Is this my drink?" Now you'll know! $30 for a set of six, here.

    15. This glass that really knows what Friday's all about.

    Now go forth and spill no more!