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Posted on Apr 23, 2017

What Should The Class Of 2017 Know About Actually Getting A Job?

What should the class about to graduate know?

Do you hire recent grads? Are you a recent or not-so-recent grad who got a job shortly after graduation? (Or, even before graduation?)

We want to know: What should the class of 2017 do if they want to get a job right out of college?


Should they do something specific with the language or formatting on their resumé?


This varies by industry, of course, so make sure to mention yours!

If you hire recent grads, what makes someone actually stand out? Is it what they say, how they dress, a combination of things, or something else entirely?

Do you ask them to submit something in particular, like work samples or a portfolio? What do you look for when someone sends their samples in?

Do you want to prefer a personality fit who you teach some skills and experience, or find someone with more skills and experience but that you know will be less of a fit? Why?

Get better resumés and candidates from the class of 2017, or just help 'em out: What should they do to get interviews and a job right out of college?