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What Essential Cooking Tool Do You Rely On Almost Every Day?

Tell us about your favorites!

What essential cooking tool(s) do you think everyone needs in their kitchen?

Maybe it's one of the true basics, like a sharp chef's knife and a good wooden cutting board.

Can't start prep without them. This knife's $36.99 on Amazon.

Or something that wouldn't occur to everyone but definitely comes in handy, like a fish spatula that you use to flip literally everything, from scallops to veggies to burgers, because it makes it so easy.

And because it lets the oil and grease drain off. This one's $12.99 on Amazon.

Or maybe it's something you thought would be gimmicky at first, but actually turned out to be incredibly useful, like scissors especially designed for cutting pizza into slices.

They're $29.99 on Amazon.

It could be a manual gadget that you reach for every time you need to prep a particular ingredient, like a garlic mincer you use for shallots, chives, and onions, too.

It's $19.99 on The Grommet.

Or a fancier gadget that has cut your cooking time in half, like a food processor that's small enough you don't mind keeping out on your cabinet.

Amazon has it for $29.99.

Or something else entirely! Tell us about your essential cooking tools and gadgets, and you could be featured in an upcoming BuzzFeed Community post.