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Hey Moms, What Products Helped Make Your Pregnancy So Much Easier?

Share your top picks, so new moms-to-be can know what actually works!

What was the best thing you bought that helped make your pregnancy so much easier — or even a little bit easier?

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Every little bit counts!

Maybe it was a classic, like one of the supportive u-shaped pillows that finally helped you get a good night's sleep after weeks of tossing and turning.

This one's on Amazon for $43.92.

Or something else supportive, like this adjustable belt that reviewers mention helps ease back and pelvic pain.

It's on Amazon for $24.95.

Maybe it was a particular book that helped ease your worries, or made you feel equipped to handle whatever came your way.

Rachel Christensen / BuzzFeed

This one, recommended by a BuzzFeeder who's also a mom, is on Amazon for $14.06.

Or maybe it was something that actually helped prevent morning sickness, like this candy that lots of people swear by.

It's on Amazon for $4.48+.

Or something else entirely! Tell us about the products that helped make your pregnancy easier — and why they were so great! — and you could be featured in an upcoming BuzzFeed Community post.