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Tell Us About The Habit That Helps You Feel A Little More Organized

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Staying organized can be hard, especially if your life is super busy.

So we want to know: what small and doable steps do you take to be a little more organized, both at home and in life in general?

Maybe you decided to schedule time every week to clean, organize, or declutter your home.

Or just started keeping a planner or calendar — or using an app you love — to schedule things at all.

Maybe you tried to follow the one-minute rule because it helps you actually keep your house clean-ish.

Or maybe you decided to try the one-in, one-out method — even if you don't do it every time.

Maybe you have a "crap basket", where you put all the stuff that's out of place — then every once in a while, you go put it all away.

Maybe you started meal prepping just your work lunches, so you had a little more time in the morning each day.

Or something else entirely!

Tell us about the little habits or changes that help you feel more organized, and you could be featured in an upcoming BuzzFeed post!