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What Are The Best Gifts You've Ever Bought From Our Posts?

We want to know what the people in your life loved!

Hey there! It's that gift-giving time of year again, so we want to know: What's the best thing you've bought from one of our posts to give as a gift? (Or just as a gift for yourself?)

It could be something that made them laugh the moment they finished ripping up the paper, like these stickers made of their face, or their pet's face, or all your friends' faces.

Or maybe it was something meaningful and sweet, like the One Line A Day journal, which lets them write down a few quick things every day over the course of five years, and as they go through each year, see what they wrote the previous years.

Perhaps you went for something downright practical (because you know them really well!), like a Waterpick water flosser so they can have a much easier time thoroughly cleaning their teeth every day.

Or, whether they're the Shark Tank fan or you are, you found something that seems kind of gimmicky but that they've mentioned multiple times they genuinely love, like The Comfy, a super soft oversized sweatshirt / blanket combo.

Even if it wasn't something big, you may have found the perfect cute little stocking stuffer, like soap shaped like waffles (their absolute favorite breakfast food) that they loved so much you noticed they put it on display in their bathroom and won't let anyone else touch it.

It could also be something else entirely! Tell us about the best gift you've bought through our posts (and what their reaction was, or what made it such a perfect thing to give, or why you decided to buy it to gift yourself) and you could be featured in an upcoming BuzzFeed post!