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    22 Clever Ways To Actually Organize Your Tiny Apartment

    Phenomenal organizing powers. Itty bitty living space.

    1. Make the most of every inch of space by using over-the-door organizers for everything from shoes to cleaning supplies.

    2. Put the inside of your cabinet doors to work, too, storing pot lids or hiding your trash can.

    3. Hang multiple shower caddies on removable adhesive hooks.

    4. S-hooks also work as an extra towel rack when you don't have one.

    5. Install a set of corner shelves to transform a small nook into extra storage space.

    6. Or put the wasted space above your doors to use and install shelves there.

    7. Mount a pegboard on a blank wall to exponentially expand your kitchen storage.

    8. Slip a rolling storage pantry in the extra space next to your fridge.

    9. Or if your fridge isn't up against the wall, turn the free side into storage.

    10. Save counter space with a roll-up drying rack that sits over your sink.

    11. Squeeze more counter space and storage into your kitchen with a chef's cart.

    12. Double up your space wherever you store cups.

    13. Similarly, keep all of your small things in check with a set of jars that magnetically attach to a cabinet shelf.

    14. Fold your shirts and store them vertically in your drawers.

    15. Add lightweight cabinets to create storage space out of literally nothing but wall.

    16. Or use a slim wooden ladder, s-hooks, and baskets to squeeze storage out of an awkward corner.

    17. If you're handy, build your own slide-out scarf and belt organizer in your closet.

    18. Save floorspace by hanging shoes on a peg coat rack.

    19. Triple your closet space by hanging multiple shirts on a length of chain.

    20. Disguise a toy chest (or your shoe storage) as a coffee table.

    21. Stash seasonal clothes and extra linens in rolling bins that slide under your bed.

    The black one is $29.99 here, and the basket is $69 here.

    22. Or if you're planning to buy a new bed, consider one that features easy storage underneath.

    It's definitely not an impulse buy! But could make all the difference in a small space. You can get this one for $499 here, or read more about good storage beds here.