15 Useful Things That Will Actually Organize Your Car

Zoom, zoom.

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1. Stick a couple of silicone muffin cups in your cup holders to catch all the dirt that ends up in the crevices.

Then once they're dirty, you can pop 'em in the dishwasher. You can get a dozen of them for $7.59 here. From here.

4. Hang over-the-door organizers in your trunk to create a fully stocked car command center.

Maybe overkill for every day, but great for longer road trips, especially if you have kids — it has flip-flops, clothes, baby wipes, rain gear, jackets, trash bags, hand sanitizer, snacks, sunscreen, and more. Read more about it here.

5. Or for every day, be ready for spontaneous spring and summer picnics by putting together a ~car kit~.

7. Repurpose a college shower caddy as a backseat entertainment center.

It can sit neatly on the middle seat or between two captain's chair seats. Pack it with puzzles, water bottles, games, or whatever else your backseat riders need. Read more here.

14. Repurpose a dollar-store cereal container as a sealable trash can.

Putting extra bags in the bottom means that you can toss the trash when you're at a gas station and still have a liner handy. From here.

15. Go all-out and build a pop-up shelf for your SUV to keep your groceries safe.

You'll need a wire closet shelf (which you can get at a hardware store for a little over $10), something to use for legs, carpet (if you want to cover the wire shelf), zip ties, screw hooks, and an hour or two. See how to do it here.