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21 Kitchen Upgrades That You Can Actually Do Yourself

Including options for renters!

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3. Use a roll of chalkboard paper to make a custom measuring chart.

Or if you're not a baker, you can hang a piece of chalk inside instead, and use it for list making, or just noting when you're supposed to take the garbage out. Get the how-to here.


4. Make your backsplash shine.

You can use plastic tiles that look like they're tin tiles for this, and they're removable when you leave. Learn how they did it here, and get similar tiles here.

If you have a bigger budget — and your landlord doesn't mind, or you own your home — you can use peel and stick tiles like these, or install real tiles (if you want to take on that project yourself, here's a tutorial).


16. If you want more storage without having to sacrifice floor space, turn an old door into an easy-access kitchen organizer.

This would also work with pegboard (although you might want to mount that on the wall). See how they made this door here.

20. You can also use this technique to make an accent wall. (This is covered with tempered glass to protect it from the stove's flames.)

The fabric's stapled to plywood, slipped behind the fan, then covered with the glass. Get the how-to here.