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I Lived By The One-Minute Rule For An Entire Week

So much can happen in just 60 seconds.

Have you heard of the ~One-Minute Rule~? It goes like this: If you notice a task that will take less than one minute to do, just do it right away.

Basically, the One-Minute Rule is a way to trick yourself into doing all of those little things you put off because they seem kinda annoying in the moment.

Seems simple enough, right? So I decided to spend an entire week living by it.

And (spoiler alert!) it's a habit I intend to keep, y'all. Here's what I discovered: Most tasks aren't as annoying as they seem. And the end result is worth each little minute.

Here are some of the ways it helped me:

When I got something out (like the scissors), I also put it away when I was done.

I loaded everything in the dishwasher every night, actually washed pots the night I used 'em, and put clean dishes away in the morning.

I wiped down my kitchen counters every night.

I took my recycling down the moment it overflowed the tiny trash can I keep it in — because the One-Minute Rule made me sort it.

My dirty workout clothes didn't sit in my backpack. Instead, I put them in the laundry and hung the backpack up.

I actually made up my bed (almost) every single day. But had to find a simplified way to do it.

At work, I replied to any emails that needed a short answer right away — and muted big chains immediately, too.

I drank more water than usual, because I actually got up to refill my cup.

And I spent time at the end of each day ~tidying~ my computer and my desk.

The bottom line? If you're looking for a way to have a neater, cleaner space — and a shorter to-do list — without putting in much effort at all, I think the One-Minute Rule's definitely worth a try.

What are your experiences with the One-Minute Rule — or other productivity hacks? Tell me in the comments!