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    14 Luxury Swimming Pools You Won't Believe Actually Exist

    Dive right in.

    1. This glass-tile Stradivarius in Bedford, NY that's begging for a raucous New York Philharmonic summer party.

    The violin's bow is actually two koi ponds — that you can see while underwater because of two thick acrylic panels. You can check out process photos and more pictures on Cipriano Custom Swimming Pools & Landscaping.

    2. This infinity swoosh in Mexico that probably has the power to instantly wipe away all of your worries and stress the moment you step in.

    And you could step in — because you can actually rent it, price upon request, here. See more photos from the architect, Diego Villaseñor.

    3. This New York City townhouse lap pool that might convince me to actually get a workout in...

    ...and would make for such a cool conversation piece you'd probably get tired of talking about it (jk, never).

    See more photos of this West Village townhouse from the interior designers, Revamp Interior Design.

    4. This Orlando, Florida pool and chocolate waterslide that will have all the kids (and inner kids) screaming with delight.

    Aaron Bailey /

    It's only one part of the Sweet Escape House, a 10-room private mansion with themed rooms and its own private movie theater and arcade. And it's ~conveniently~ close to Disney World.

    5. This sleek Hollywood Overlook pool perfect for the La-La-Land style parties of your dreams.

    You can check out more of this stunning home at Rios Clementi Hale Studios, the firm that designed the house. It has an *entire wall* of retractable windows that seamlessly open this outdoor area up to the living and dining room.

    6. This swim-up movie theater in a chalet where I would definitely marathon my favorite TV shows and not get any skiing done at all.

    But YOU GUYS, I can watch Real Housewives in the pool! See more photos (and rent it!) on The Chalet Collection.

    7. This Montauk, NY residence's wrap-around pool that would be ideal for two siblings wanting to host two different parties at the same time...

    ...even if one of those parties was also a Mario Kart tournament.

    See more photos of the house and pool at Steven Harris Architects.

    8. This indoor pool in Jakarta that's overlooked by the living room, great for watching the kids and being comfortable at the same time.

    Fernando Gomulya /

    See more photos and read about the Slanted House's concept from Budi Pradono Architects on Arch Daily.

    9. This ~one with the pond~ Sagaponack, New York pool ideal for lazy-ing the summer away with family and friends.

    See more photos of this gorgeous Hamptons home done by Steven Harris Architects.

    10. This Houston, Texas apartment pool that tbh I would only swim in on a very serious double dare, because 40 stories is a LOT of stories.

    11. This private atrium in Dhaka, Bangladesh where you could unwind in at the end of every single day, even if it was just by napping in the floor of the boat.

    Daniele Domenicali /

    It's from award-winning firm Shatotto, which focuses on "architecture for green living." You can see more photos of this home on Arch Daily.

    12. This multi-level infinity pool-slash-hot-tub (and maybe tubs, as in multiple?) in the Beverly Hills mansion perfect for my future dream bachelorette party.

    It's a fancy AirBnb where Drake stayed once..........enough said.

    13. The pool in this Palm Desert, California private hammam where it would feel like nothing existed in the world but that room and the people in it.

    Which could be just you, if you wanted. It's in a price-upon-request rental villa —

    with an outdoor pool that's stunning in its own right — called Casbah Cove. (It's also for sale for $21 million.)

    14. And this Los Cabos, Mexico villa's diagonal pool where you could swim through all the clouds in the sky.

    It's another stunner from the architect Diego Villaseñor.

    Me in any of those pools:


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