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    26 Products For Anyone Who Loves The Sun But Not The Sunburn

    Skin protection you won't have to dread.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Some may have been sent as samples, but all opinions and reviews are our own. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. A UPF (~ultraviolet~ protection factor) 50 wide-brim straw hat so whatever you do and wherever you go, you can bring your own shade with you, protecting both your scalp and your face.

    Reviewer wearing the taupe, woven hat with a wide black ribbon
    A reviewer's hat from the back, with the ribbon waving in the wind

    Promising review: "I ordered this hat on a whim before a recent Costa Rica trip. When I got to Costa Rica and pulled the hat out, it instantly regained shape and didn't look like it had just traveled all day rolled-up in a backpack. I wore it in many conditions, sunny and hot, humid, wet (dipped in the pool on accident), hiking, in the wind. I rolled it up in and put it in my day bag on several occasions, it always came out looking great. The hat has a handy adjustable strap inside that let me tighten it just a bit to fit my small-ish head. I didn't use the chin strap that came with the hat, but by adjusting the inner band this hat stayed on in really windy conditions. The material is a little heavy, but not so much that it deterred me from wearing it in 90-degree humid weather. The brim is wide enough that it covered my face and shoulders — no sunburns here. It still looks great after a lot of use. Definitely a great Amazon score!" —Sarah Dempsey

    Get it from Amazon for $22.99+ (available in sizes M–L, up to four colors, and three styles).

    2. Or a satin-lined lightweight straw hat that'll help prevent both frizz *and* breakage in natural curly hair, even if you wear it on the beach for 12 hours straight.

    the wide-brim floppy hat in tan straw, with a thin dark brown cord
    the wide-brim floppy hat in tan straw, with a thin dark brown cord
    Grace Eleyae

    It's a fairly new release from Grace Eleyae, a Black woman-founded brand that believes you shouldn't compromise hair health for style. She was inspired to create her satin-lined cap after her hair broke off following a bumpy 8-hour car ride. And since it's basically summer, they're starting to release more summer-y satin-lined hats!

    Get them from Grace Eleyae for $55.

    3. A bottle of the cult-favorite Supergoop Unseen Sunscreen because no matter what season it happens to be, if you're going to spend the day in the sun you've gotta wear facial sunscreen at the very least — and reapply as needed. So you might as well opt for one that's basically weightless, completely clear, and makeup-friendly.

    buzzfeed editor holding the 1.7oz bottle with  dab of translucent sunscreen captioned
    Natalie Brown / BuzzFeed

    I've been using this sunscreen at least once daily since my mom gifted it to me last Christmas, and have every intention to keep using it for years. A dime-size amount covers my entire face, because it's translucent it leaves absolutely no white cast, and 10 minutes after putting it on, my face just feels like I applied a little bit of a nice moisturizer or makeup primer, not anything that's grease-central, like sunscreen usually is. After several years of stubbornly trying (and failing) to find a decent, oily-skin-friendly, non-greasy drugstore option, I've caved to this pricier kind because literally none of the six or seven other options I tried even compared to this.  

    Every time I've worn makeup since I got it, I've been impressed by the way my matte foundation glides over it, looks with it, and lasts with it. You can see the texture and color in the photo above; it really does go on completely clear. And it's water- and sweat-resistant for 40 minutes! It's also oxybenzone-free, which is a common sun-protection ingredient that may not be reef-safe. (Here's more info on sunscreen ingredients.)

    Get it from Amazon for $17+ (available in two sizes), or Sephora or Free People for $34.

    4. Or Glossier's serum-like Invisible Shield Daily Sunscreen, which has a well-earned reputation for being lightweight, nongreasy, completely transparent, and (most important of all), effective. 

    model hand pumps clear sunscreen into palm
    model applying the clear serum to their face

    Yep, it doesn't contain any oxybenzone, either!

    Promising reviews: "My skin is oily/combo, so I figured that this would be a good everyday sunscreen. It's very lightweight and makes my skin look a little dewy, but in a good way? (Which is great before makeup!) Has a mild sunscreen-y scent and I've never burned when wearing this on hot days!" —

    "What I absolutely love about this product is you will never get a white cast when applying this. It is very easy to use. I normally apply in the morning before leaving and just when I’m about to drive home from work. It’s a little pricy for the amount you get but still worth it!" —Angela 

    Get it from Glossier for $25

    5. A super lightweight UPF 50 linen scarf from Japan you can use to block the rays without getting overheated: wrap it around your neck, toss it over your bare shoulders with your favorite sleeveless dress, or just tie it on to your everyday bag to look cute until you need to pull it off to wear on a super sunny day!

    model wearing blue scarf with yellow accents around their neck, with a denim jacket and sun hat

    6. If your day out involves time playing in the ocean, a fragrance-free broad-spectrum mineral sunscreen so you can enjoy every moment without having to worry your sun protection will harm coral, fishies, whales, or other marine life.

    bottle of california baby super sensitive SPF 30+ sunscreen on the beach

    7. A broad spectrum SPF 30 mineral sunscreen stick perfect for slipping in your pocket or bag so you're always prepared with a reef-safe option, even if you randomly decide to ditch your day's plans and head to the beach, take a hike, or just set up a picnic somewhere sunny, and your main bottle of sunscreen's back at home. 

    deodorant-stick-shaped stick of sunscreen

    This (and all of Think's sunscreen line, which includes products for kids and babies) uses a non-nanotized zinc oxide, which according to the National Park Service, is safer for reefs, too. It's also cruelty-free and water-resistant for up to 80 minutes, but again it will probably give you a white cast. 

    Promising review: "I loved how easy this was to apply and the protection is covered! Plus it was the perfect to-to sunscreen stick to put in my purse, especially when traveling!" —Rocknessa

    Get it from Think for $8.99

    8. A bottle of Neutrogena wet-skin spray sunscreen in SPF 70 so your kids (or you!) can hop out of the pool, skip the thorough towel-dry (because it's specifically designed so it won't drip off wet skin), and quickly reapply.

    The spray can of Neutrogena Wet Skin Kids Beach & Pool Broad Spectrum SPF 70+

    As with all spray sunscreens, make sure to rub it in and around after you spray, because while spraying's quicker than spreading regular lotion, it still needs help covering every last inch! And technically the directions say you're supposed to wait for 15 minutes before getting back into the water.

    Promising review: "I love this sunscreen for my kids. I used it all last summer. It protects them when they put it on and jump right into the water. It's really easy to apply since you don't have to dry them off. No sunburns all summer thanks to this stuff. Also, it doesn't irritate their skin like some of the other sprays have done. It's now the only sunscreen I buy. Try the face sticks, they work great too." —Jessica

    Get two bottles from Amazon for $15.97.

    9. Or an oxybenzone-free SPF 50 spray sunscreen that, besides being water resistant, broad spectrum, vitamin E–enriched, cruelty-free, vegan, moisturizing, noncomedogenic, and oil-free, won't leave you with any white residue, because it's still a chemical sunscreen.

    model spraying can of sunscreen

    You do have to reapply every few hours especially if you're swimming or toweling off regularly, but that's the case with literally every sunscreen on the planet (or at least every one I've encountered!). And while it's not as reef-safe as the California Baby or Think brands, because it skips the oxybenzone it's at least more reef-safe than sunscreens that contain it.

    Promising review: "I live in Phoenix Arizona! Triple digits temps for months! A lot of sun here! Short answer well it works. Follow the directions! Apply and let dry. If youre swimming you'll need to reapply!" —Michael M

    Get a pack of two from Amazon for $31.98.

    10. A super lightweight UPF 50 long-sleeved tee so whether you're running, fishing, hiking, gardening, snorkeling, or just going for a brisk walk around your neighborhood, you don't have to bother with slathering on the 'screen every 80 minutes. Just slip this on and your chest, back, shoulders, arms, and stomach will be instantly protected. 

    reviewer in solid-color mint tee
    reviewer in grey tee, just caught a fish

    Promising review: "Living in south Florida I need sun protection but also want to my clothes to be stylish as well as comfortable. This fits the bill on all those points and at a great price point! I've recently been looking in department stores and rash guard shirts were three times the cost there." —booklover

    Get it from Amazon for $14.99+ (available in sizes XS–XXL and in eight colors). 

    11. A long sleeved rash guard top and high-waisted bottom swimsuit because the more skin you have covered by actual clothes, the less sunscreen you have to apply...and reapply...and all. (Plus it's just downright cute!!)

    Promising review: "Loved this suit! I went to Mexico on vacation and was concerned with getting too much sun. The top was perfect and I was expecting to hate the bottoms but they fit and looked great for my frame! Not only was this functional but super cute and I received a lot of compliments. I also did not get sunburned laying on the beach all day." —Amazon Customer

    Get it from Amazon for $29.99+ (available in sizes 4–14 and in three colors).

    Not quite the right option for you? Check out more unique swimsuits

    12. A bright UPF 40 tropical print cropped rashguard that'll let you flaunt all the fun summertime vibes from the moment it arrives on your front porch until the first hint of fall breeze blows in. 

    model wearing top with illustrated monstera leaves, hibiscus flowers, palm leaves, and orchid flowers in black, orange, pink, blue, yellow
    Old Navy

    You can get the same print in swimsuit tops, bottoms, and a one piece, too. 

    Get it from Old Navy for $41.99 (available in sizes 2X–3X). 

    13. An E.l.f SPF 25 foundation for a time-saving one-step option if you're looking for full, natural coverage. It's an excellent choice if you're going to be in and out all day long, and want to be protected in those moments where you stop in a sunbeam to bask for a few minutes.

    Bottle of cc cream on top of swatches of all the shades

    It also contains hyaluronic acid to help your skin retain moisture and niacinamide to help even out skin tone. 

    Promising review: "I was blown away by the results. It lasts all day long, doesn’t smudge, and blends so well. I apply one pump onto my hands of the CC cream, rub it all over my face, and it blends very nicely. It's also great at covering up blemishes." —mckenzie c

    Get it from E.l.f. Cosmetics for $14 (available in 20 shades). 

    14. Burt's Bees After Sun Soother because despite your best efforts, sunburn sometimes still happens. This can help your skin feel a little less inflamed, thanks to how incredibly moisturizing coconut oil can be. And if you use it on a regular basis, reviewers say it can really help prevent the dreaded peel.

    to the left: a badly burnt back of a reviewer, to the right: the same back healed and tan

    15. Or a sunburn salve made with five organic ingredients that all moisturize skin and help it recover when you accidentally expose it to a little too much sun. (It happens to all of us sometimes!)

    tin of the salve

    16. A UPF 50+ V-neck hooded dress and swimsuit coverup that totally wouldn't surprise me if it turned into your instant go-to on summer weekends, no matter what your plans happened to be, because it's just that comfortable.

    17. A scalp mist from Sun Bum designed specifically with SPF 30 so you can skip the dry, red, itchy, peely scalp without having to don a hat or somehow figure out how to rub greasy sunscreen in your hair's part.

    a hand spraying the small brown and yellow bottle of scalp and hair mist

    18. A tube of Aquaphor SPF 30 because your lips need sun protection too, and one that you'll reliably reapply even more often than regular sunscreen, since it comes off gradually as you eat, talk, or swim! 

    Model applies aquaphor SPF to lips

    The other bonus? Since it's basically a jelly already, it won't melt and leak all over your bag on a hot day, the way a tube of more solid balm might. 

    Promising review: "My favorite lip balm now with a sunscreen! Awesome formula and it really does protect my lips when I’m out in the backyard. Can’t be without this! I’m very light complected and burn very easily. This lip protector keeps my lips moisturized and protected from the sun at a good price." —McSusie

    Get it from Amazon for $3.74.

    19. Or some Sun Bum SPF 15 tinted balm if you want a little color for your poolside selfies without giving up that much-needed protection. 

    reviewer's forearm with swatches of the four pink shades
    model holding tube of sunbum tinted lip balm

    Like all Sun Bum products, it's oxybenzone-free. I imagine this one would probably melt, so keep that in mind when you're packing your pool bag. 

    Promising review: "Surprised how strong the tinting was. Actually gives your lips a lot of color, unlike other similar products that look like they should add color, but then barely make your lips a shade different. And it's a gorgeous color! Very moisturizing without feeling too waxy. The flavor is so yummy you really have to slap yourself to stop wanting to lick it off." —Desa Abbamondi

    Get it from Amazon for $5.99 (available in four shades). 

    20. A pair of 100% UV-protected, polarized sunglasses to seriously reduce glare and protect your eyes and the skin around your eyes from those harmful suns rays, whether you're driving, boating, swimming, or just chilling in your backyard.

    A hand holding black-framed sunglasses with mirrored pink lenses
    A reviewer wearing the glasses with black frames and black lenses

    The first time I tried polarized glasses (tho they were fancier than these), we were on a beach in Hawaii and my mom let me borrow her pair. It was clear water anyway, but I could suddenly see SO much more detail through to the bottom, because it blocked the sun's glare so effectively. Now I'll only wear polarized!

    These have 100% UV protection, which is the most important thing to look for in sunglasses, according to The American Academy of Ophthalmology. Reviewers say each pair comes with a case, a cleaning cloth, and a mini screwdriver for tightening them if needed.

    Promising reviews: "I was driving directly into the sun yesterday and they did a damn good job of cutting the glare and enhancing my surroundings." —Henryhillsmom

    "I bought these as a cheap and quick replacement to similar looking sunglasses that recently were stolen. I had no hope for these being as great but was extremely happy to be wrong. These are very comfortable and the polarized lenses are wonderful and work quite well. These do not feel cheap, the quality is great! I am all around happier with this purchase than I was with similar sunglasses with an extra $100 on the price tag." —Anastasia Tavenier

    Get a pair from Amazon for $11.89+ (available in 13 variations of different frame and lens colors, some mirrored, some not).

    21. Some skintight UPF 50+ fingerless gloves because one of the places where sunscreen tends to get washed off first? The back of your hands. These'll keep 'em nice and covered, even if you're paddle boarding, gardening, or doing outdoor yoga in direct sun in the middle of the day. 

    model wears gloves in black to ride a bicycle
    Sun Gluvs / Etsy

    Promising review: "Sun Gluvs are the nicest-looking protective gloves I’ve seen. They are made of thick, quality fabric that doesn’t bunch up or wrinkle too much, providing a sleek appearance. They are not too hot like some other gloves I’ve tried. I like that the fingers are truly free with these gloves — you will actually want to keep them on while working with your hands." —Melissa Chan

    Get them from Sun Gluvs on Etsy for $19.99 (available in three sizes, and in three other colors here). 

    22. A pair of UPF 50+ leggings, perfect if you know your legs are going to be in the sun for wayyy more hours than usual (like, for afternoon tubing adventures, nap-heavy beach days or all-morning kayak trips). 

    reviewer in blue and white watercolor diamond-floral pattern  legging
    model in black high-waist leggings with pink stripe down sides of leg

    Promising review: "Perfect sunscreen swim leggings! I wear this as sunscreen outside leggings and also for swimming at beach and pools. Because I ordered size large, these are slightly less compressing my legs like all my other leggings so it is wonderful to wear on very warm days outside since this fabric feels cooler! They felt good in Florida in June!" —Mithue

    Get them from Amazon for $19.09+ (available in sizes S–XXL, six colors, and two styles). 

    23. Or a pair of UPF 50+ high-rise swim capris with chlorine- and saltwater-resistant fabric, so even if you're in-and-out of the water every single day this summer, you can feel confident they'll both hold up to all that use *and* protect your gorgeous thighs from the suns rays.

    model in black mid-calf leggings

    24. A wide-brim, roll-up-able, UPF 50+ visor so you can have your shade without the extra heat of a hat covering the top of your head — and without trying to stuff your long or super thick hair into a hat. (But if you opt for this, def use that scalp spray in #14).

    25. A 40x30 UPF 50+ sun blanket that's so lightweight, reviewers don't mind using it as an extra cover for someone's legs at the beach or in a wheelchair, a headscarf to supplement a baseball cap, some shade for a baby's stroller on a mid-day walk, or something to keep in the glove compartment in case you're stuck in a long, sunny pickup line (or any traffic). 

    model sitting on a stool, knees and lap covered by the blanket

    Promising review: "So useful! I didn't know such a thing existed! I originally bought to cover my baby when she's out in the sun but have found this to be useful for the entire family to do a quick cover when outside. Works great when you want to stay out for just a little longer and don't want to reapply sunscreen." —Kmm

    Get it from Amazon for $29 (available in 14 colors/patterns). 

    26. Or a thin, moisture-wicking UPF 50+ towel suited especially to the beach, since it very impressively won't hold on to sand.

    You, with your favorite sun protection on, enjoying the summer sunshine:

    The reviews in this post have been edited for length and clarity.

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