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    7 Small Ways To Actually Get Your Home In Order For $10 Or Less

    Easy peasy on the cheapy.

    1. Flip the switch on your ceiling fans so they turn counter-clockwise, blowing the air down to you like a cool breeze.

    2. Make a batch of hearty breakfast bowls on Sunday so you can start every busy weekday with a nourishing kick.

    3. Banish lime and gunk from your faucets, showers, and drains by choosing a night to soak all of the fixtures in your home in vinegar.

    4. Try this tidy weekly to-do list system to avoid rewriting all of your tasks every single day.

    5. Transform the under-sink space where you store cleaning supplies with $8 and a trip to the dollar store.

    6. Build a simple foot-washing station near your back door to keep sandy and muddy feet off of clean floors.

    7. Free up closet or drawer space by sorting out tank tops that need to retire — then hanging the ones you're keeping on a repurposed belt rack.

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