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    7 Small Ways To Actually Get Your Home In Order For $10 Or Less

    Easy peasy on the cheapy.

    Alice Yoo / BuzzFeed

    1. Flip the switch on your ceiling fans so they turn counter-clockwise, blowing the air down to you like a cool breeze.

    The direction your fan turns matters — read more at the Delmar Fans Blog (other brands of ceiling fan have a similar switch). And remember to only run the fan when you're in the room, because it just makes you ~feel cooler~, it doesn't actually lower the room temp.

    2. Make a batch of hearty breakfast bowls on Sunday so you can start every busy weekday with a nourishing kick.

    Each recipe makes four large bowls, so think of this as your ~breakfast menu~. I would save the avocado to chop each morning, so it doesn't get too brown. Get all of the recipes on Smile Sandwich.

    3. Banish lime and gunk from your faucets, showers, and drains by choosing a night to soak all of the fixtures in your home in vinegar.

    Facebook: buzzfeednifty

    The next morning, brush off the gunk and rinse. Every tap in your home will sparkle! Learn how to make it work for all your fixtures on Nifty.

    4. Try this tidy weekly to-do list system to avoid rewriting all of your tasks every single day.

    Rachel Miller / BuzzFeed

    It's bullet journal–inspired, but not required — you could do it with any old piece of paper or graph paper. Read the simple how-to here.

    5. Transform the under-sink space where you store cleaning supplies with $8 and a trip to the dollar store.

    Flavia Andrews /

    There's an easy-to-grab space for everything, and bins let you move eight bottles out of the way at once, so you can reach things in the back. Get the budget breakdown on Neat House, Sweet Home.

    6. Build a simple foot-washing station near your back door to keep sandy and muddy feet off of clean floors.

    Tomas Espinoza /

    The water and sand will wash down to the grass, and feet get clean. Get the full tutorial from HGTV. For a $10-or-less version (that won't last as long), skip the poly seal and the weed backing, and simply nail four pieces of wood together in a square, set it in the grass, and fill with river rocks or gravel.

    7. Free up closet or drawer space by sorting out tank tops that need to retire — then hanging the ones you're keeping on a repurposed belt rack.

    They'll take up just one hanger's space in your closet, and you can easily find and grab the one you want. Read more on Chaos to Order.

    Want more organizing ideas? See previous week's tricks (plus more!) here.

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