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    19 Kitchen Makeover Before-And-Afters That Made Me Say "Dang, That's Good"

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    1. This tiny blank-slate kitchen with zero counter space...

    ...that transformed into this jewel box:

    Lesley Unruh / One Kings Lane /

    The biggest changes here are the paint color, the cabinet hardware that doubles as towel rods, and that big mirror backsplash that staves off the feeling that you're trapped in a box.

    See more details of the (affordable) transformation — plus the countertop solution — on One Kings Lane.

    2. This eyesore of a rental kitchen...

    ...that became the perfect backdrop for its tenant's vintage ceramics and kitchenware collection.

    The overhaul cost £339, or a little over $400, and while the tenants did most of the work, their landlord happily paid for most of the cost. Basic white cabinets and neutral butcher block counters make it easy for the next renters to come in and add their own flair.

    See more pictures and the full cost breakdown on Seed and Stitches.

    3. This yellowed rental kitchen with terrible floors...

    ...that in two days and for $100 in materials turned into this pastel paradise: / Via

    The big trick? Hacking cheap vinyl peel-and-stick flooring. Read more about the transformation on Best Friends Pizza Club.

    4. This dark builder's-grade kitchen...

    ...that channeled a modern farmhouse with new paint and bargain appliances.

    You can read about the entire process on Bless Her House — and find detailed, weekend-friendly tutorials for those concrete countertops (including a DIY fail that the couple was able to fix), the pendant lights, the painted cabinets, the Ikea farmhouse sink install, and the reclaimed wood bar front.

    5. This itty-bitty beige kitchen smack-dab in the middle of the French Quarter...

    ...that embraced bright colors worthy of its prime NOLA address.

    Kerry Maloney / / Via

    Three sample-size paint colors and a few plastic "tin" tiles are all it took — read more about the transformation on Apartment Therapy.

    6. This basic green and red kitchen from the UK...

    ...That stuns with its dark cabinets, contrasting copper fixtures, and accent wallpaper.

    This remodel looks high-end, but in fact they just painted the existing cabinets, used discount marble-effect porcelain tile for the backsplash, and applied the wallpaper — the countertops and sink were leftover from their last remodel.

    Read more about the process on Swoon Worthy.

    7. This tiny corner kitchen with very 1970s vibes...

    ...that lost its cabinets and gained a whole lotta light.

    The entire redo did cost about $3,500, but that includes demolition, new floors, new countertops, new shelves, a new backsplash, a planked accent wall, paint and hardware for the lower cabinets, new appliances, and all the decorative accents.

    Check out Christina's Adventures for the full cost breakdown, updates from the process, and the kitchen tour.

    8. This well-lit prewar rental that hasn't seen much love since the '40s...

    Designed and Photographed by Brady Tolbert ( full tutorial on Style by Emily Henderson (

    ....that with $50 in peel-and-stick tile, a new light, and new knobs, looks like a lovely spot to enjoy homemade brunch.

    Designed and Photographed by Brady Tolbert ( full tutorial on Style by Emily Henderson (

    Get the how-to for the floors plus the source list for everything else on Styled by Emily Henderson.

    9. This spacious family-friendly kitchen with outdated appliances...

    ...that became a glamorous red country kitchen with shiplap ceilings and wood floors.

    The magnet letter board on the island is genius, too. You can read the progress posts under the kitchen label, and read the full kitchen tour on Twice Remembered.

    10. This (tbh pretty large!) kitchen trapped somewhere between 1995 and 2005...

    ...that looks instantly modern after a few coats of grey on the walls and a few coats of white on the cabinets.

    The appliances are the same, the countertops are the same, even those barstools are the same, but it looks like an entirely different house. Learn how she did the cabinets in one weekend on Vanessa's Modern Vintage Home.

    11. This unpainted, outdated wooden kitchen in a tiny New Jersey co-op:

    Raymond Hom. Courtesy of Martha Stewart Living. ©2008.

    ...that became a turquoise and red paradise for its owners.

    Laura Moss. Courtesy of Martha Stewart Living. ©2008.

    Read their full story and see some step-by-steps on Martha Stewart.

    For an easy way to add those warm ~pops of color~ to your space without buying new pots and colanders, try using acrylic paint on small walls, or, for example, the tea towels.

    12. This plain but nice kitchen...

    ...that turned into a Portuguese-tile-inspired masterpiece with paint and a stencil.

    This is from the tile website, but the reno is real; the stencils start at just $9.95.

    13. This mismatched suburban situation...

    ...that went modern country over the course of a few months.

    It cost about $8,000 in the end, with the biggest chunks of change going to brand new wood floors, custom cabinets, the reclaimed wood table, and the cost of an electrician to deal with things like changing out the vent hood, moving the microwave, and adding outlets. See the cost breakdown and get more photos or the step-by-step process for many of the projects on Remington Avenue.

    14. This well lit but monotonous '50s kitchen...

    ...that got a huge dose of era-inspired color and design.

    For color lovers only! See the source list and read more about the inspiration on Retro Renovation.

    15. This kitchen "before" that predates digital cameras...

    ...that with small additions over time has become a colorful expression of the family's personality.

    Instagram: @ /

    Read more about the change on Lisa Loves Vintage, and get more bright inspiration on her Instagram.

    16. This "kitchen" that is barely fit to chop a carrot in...

    ...that became a simple farmhouse space out in the country.

    Butcher block countertops may be everywhere, but beautifully finished ones like that aren't. Read more details about it on A Country Farmhouse.

    17. This cutesy but cluttered cottage kitchen...

    ...that found its bright, organized side without losing its cottage charm.

    The watercolor-style brick backsplash and grey cabinets = ultimate inspiration. Read how they did it and see the cost breakdown on Remodalaholic.

    18. This cramped kitchen hindered by its dark cabinets and looming pot rack...

    ...that stuck to its traditional roots, but with a fresh vibe that coordinated well with the Spanish-style home.

    Zeke Ruelas / / Via

    See all of the after photos here, and all the before photos and process here. While this remodel involved a completely new layout, the reveal on Styled by Emily Henderson has a mood board to get the look without the complete overhaul. Also check out their guide to buying cement tiles.

    19. This kitchen in a 1926 Dutch colonial the couple bought in a foreclosure...

    ...that proves that sometimes saving up and hiring professionals can be worth it.

    Becca /

    It cost in total about $30,000, but the couple saved up for several years, and will most likely recoup that value when they resell their place. Read more about it on Apartment Therapy.