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31 Clever Ways To Clean All Of The Stubbornly Dirty Things

Prepare the white vinegar.

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2. Shine up your copper-bottomed pans with vinegar and salt.

Read the full tutorial here. You could also mix 1/4 cup white vinegar with 1 teaspoon of salt, then pour that onto the bottoms of your pans. And you can learn more about why this works from this science experiment.

4. Scrub away the stains in your "stainless" steel sink with a Magic Eraser.

This blogger tested several different techniques, and concluded that a Magic Eraser is the way to go. (The pot cleaner scratched the sink).

6. Get rid of greasy kitchen dust by rubbing it with mineral oil.

Vegetable oil will also work. But if you do use vegetable oil, make sure to wash off all of the oil with warm water and dish soap after you wipe up the dust. Read more about cleaning sticky dust here.

7. De-grime your stove vent filters by dipping them in boiling water with baking soda.

Make sure you do this in a pan without a nonstick coating, because the metal vents would scratch it off. Learn more about how to do this here.

9. Clean the cooked-on food off of your stove by covering it with baking soda and damp cloths.

There will still be some scrubbing involved, but this will make it easier. And don't turn on your stove while it's covered in cloth, okay? Read the full tutorial here.

10. Wipe off your faucet's hard water stains by soaking them in dish soap, vinegar, and lemon juice.

To make it extra effective, you can soak paper towels in the cleaning solution and wrap them around the faucet for half an hour. Get the full how-to here.

14. While you're at it, add a few tablespoons of ammonia to a plastic bag to make your stove grates shine again.

Just let it soak for a few hours or overnight, and even the greasiest grime will wipe right off. Read more about it here.

20. Make water-stained night stands and side tables look new again with salt and olive oil.

You'll need just a small amount of olive oil to add to your salt, because you want a thick paste that you can rub onto the stains. Read the full tutorial here.

23. Soak up oil stains from leather chairs and couches with baby powder.

This would also work for leather purses and wallets. You just have to let the powder sit on the stain for a few hours. From here.

30. Use a pumice stone to scrub off hard water and rust stains in your toilet.

Sometimes normal toilet cleaner and your typical toilet brush just don't cut it. Here's the full tutorial, and you can buy a pumice stone with a handle here.

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