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    14 Genius Solutions For Your Hot Summer Car Problems

    Keep it cool.

    1. Cool down a hot car quickly by opening the passenger window, then opening and closing the driver's-side door five to six times.

    2. If the air outside is too hot to actually cool down your car, roll down or crack your windows, turn on the AC, and start driving.

    3. Wherever you can, park in the shade.

    4. Keep a Koozie in the glove compartment to slide over your stick shift so you can drive.

    5. Quickly cool down your steering wheel and gear shift by wiping them down with water and a washcloth.

    6. Or fill a small spray bottle with water to spritz on buckles, your steering wheel, and whatever other plastic and metal is too hot to touch.

    7. Cover your windows with ShadeSox to help block out the sunlight that makes the backseat hotter than the front.

    8. Consider buying cooling seat covers, if you don't have cooling seats in your car already.

    9. Cover any carseats with their own reflective sunshades.

    10. Remember to check your tire pressure whenever it gets ~really~ hot outside.

    11. Wash your car in small sections — soap, then rinse, one or two panels at a time. (Or go through the car wash.)

    12. Save gas by rolling your windows down and turning off the AC whenever you're driving below 55 mph.

    13. Adjust your car's emergency kit so you have everything you need for warmer weather.

    14. Remember to use your car's sunshade!