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    17 Smart Cleaning Tricks Our Readers Actually Tried And Loved

    Tried and tested!

    We asked the BuzzFeed Community for the smartest and most useful cleaning tricks they'd ever tried. Here are some of their best tips!

    1. Start cleaning at the "top" of your room, and work your way down to avoid making a mess of something you've already cleaned.

    2. Scrub those stuck-on dead bugs on the front of your car with a wet dryer sheet, and they'll come off in no time.

    3. And wipe down your baseboards with dryer sheets to help 'em repel dust and pet hair.

    4. AND use another dryer sheet to brush away those annoying deodorant stains.

    5. Line the tops of your kitchen cabinets with paper towels or wax paper to catch all the greasy dust.

    6. Scrub those impossible burnt bits off your pots and pans using water, cream of tartar, your stove, and some elbow grease.

    7. Or enlist (yup) a dryer sheet to help you scrub out the stuck food bits.

    8. Ditch persistent water spots in your shower by spritzing 'em with extra-strength cleaning vinegar.

    9. Microwave a lemon and water, and you'll never have to scrub at the inside of your microwave again.

    10. Drop denture tabs in your toilet, and let 'em do the work for you — especially if hard water has you constantly battling a scaly ring.

    11. Wipe pet hair off of your furniture using a regular old rubber glove.

    12. Mix vegetable oil and baking soda in a 1:2 ratio to make a paste that can tackle almost any built-up residue.

    13. And remove scuffs, hard water stains, and other stains using a paste of baking soda and shaving cream.

    14. Vacuum up a few whole cloves to make your vacuum cleaner smell like warm spices.

    15. Coffee filters (and newspaper) will get your windows and mirrors sparkling clean — without leaving behind streaks or fuzzies.

    16. Most dusty lampshades are no match for a lint roller. But if you have a pleated shade, grab a clean paint brush.

    17. Spread a wet paper towel over your countertop grill as it cools down to keep any crusty bits from sticking.

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