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40 Smart Tricks To Keep Your Kids Organized

No promises your kids will oblige, though.

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3. Install a curtain rod with clip shower curtain rings to turn costume storage into wall art.

Flickr: booturtle

Again, an organization trick that makes it easy for the kids to put stuff away. From here, and here are some curtain rings that would work.

8. Keep minifigure madness at bay with a storage wall that's also a display.

They won't fall over because they have little strips of Lego building board holding them in place. Here's the tutorial for this cool display.

17. Install a backpack and homework command station for each kiddo.

They can drop their backpacks in the same spot each day, and you could use the chalkboards for reminders or to-do lists. See the step-by-step here.

22. Or, paint door hangers with chalkboard paint so you can keep track of what activities the day's clothes will have to endure.

That way, maybe the white pants won't end up splashing through mud on P.E. day. Get the instructions here.

24. Give everyone an interactive to-do list using old baking sheets.

This way, you get to decide which chores each child will be responsible for each day, and they get to mark when they finish them. Learn how to make these here.

29. Paint the outside of each under bed drawer with chalkboard paint so as the kids grow you can re-label the drawers.

Eventually they may say "shoes" and "old school projects" instead. Get the tutorial here and more info on using chalkboard paint here.

32. Create more storage and rod space with a stacked unit like this one.

You'll need a couple of extra closet rods, but you can make it easier for your toddler to reach their clothes. See how these parents seriously transformed a tiny closet here.

33. Designate a "crap bucket" for each kid, so you can drop stuff in that they need to put away.

This parent used several colorful buckets, but you could also do this with baskets if yellow doesn't quite fit with your home decor.

34. Give your child their own trash bin for long road trips.

It might help keep the backseat from turning into a nightmare. Alternatively, your child can store their favorite car activities in these. Learn how to make them here.

35. Mount an extra tension shower rod right next to the bathtub and use s-hooks to hang plastic baskets.

38. Sew up some pretty hanging bags so you always have an extra pacifier at your fingertips.

Or one of the other thousands of baby things you might need conveniently stationed next to the crib. Get the tutorial here (the english translation is in italics beneath each step).

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