18 Pinterest Craft Fails That Are Never Not Funny

    Not everyone should own a glue gun.

    We asked the BuzzFeed Community to send us their worst craft fails, and dug up a few other brilliant fails on Instagram. We've all been there...

    1. This condom-shaped hat:

    Mmmm I think something's wrong with the gauge there.

    2. This disproportionate snowman:

    3. This attempted murder most foul:

    "Put knives in a pumpkin and it will look like it's been murdered… Oh well." —alexannwasnthere1352

    4. These vomiting apple pies baked in apples:

    5. This glow-in-the-dark pumpkin that got a little too warm in its coat of paint.

    6. This attempted neon shoe-paint situation:

    I guess the cap wasn't screwed on quite tight enough...

    7. This fortune cookie that just dreamed about being Pac-Man:

    "It looks like someone’s great aunt’s saddle thighs in yellow leggings." —megandbethea

    8. This geeky light switch cover that for some reason went in the oven, even though it was plastic??

    Learn how to pull this off for real here.

    9. This destroyed dinosaur-egg soap:

    Whoops, sorry.

    10. These flaming-hot and melty AF homemade crayons:

    11. These decidedly un-joyful peppermint hot chocolate spoons:

    Oops. Although she was eventually able to make it work.

    12. This lopsided T-shirt cat tent:

    "It didn't exactly turn out as planned..but my cat still uses it! Good thing he's not to hard to please." —lexim813

    13. This halfhearted attempt at repurposing a broken plate as a mosaic pot:

    14. This tipsy Christmas decoration that really needed three or four strands of lights:

    15. These vulgar concrete garden hands:

    Oops, again.

    16. This melted crayon mess of a pumpkin:

    On the left: art. On the right: umm...

    17. This vodka-soaked mush that supposedly used to be gummy bears:

    Yes technically not a craft, but too much of a fail to pass up. Learn how to make them properly here.

    18. And this Mod Podged Matisse bowl that just wouldn't hold its shape: