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7 Easy Organizing Tricks That Cost $10 Or Less

Ready, steady, organized.

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3. Put together a school memories box for each of your kids' best or most special work from every year.

You'll get to recycle old worksheets and beat-up folders immediately, instead of letting them pile up in your kid's closet. If you get the bin ready this week, you can help your kids fill this year's folder on the last day of school.

Get the how-to for this system on i heart planners.


4. Pick a night to try out Unf*ck Your Habitat's 20/10 strategy — 20 minutes of work, 10 minutes of whatever-you-want.

The concept's simple and not new, but the UFYH version reminds you that you should pick a work/break time that's best for you — like 45/15, or a 5/10, or whatever — because people and tasks are different.

Read more about it here, or buy the book for $12.23 on Amazon.

5. Have a pile of receipts lying around? Sort 'em out using this decluttering strategy.

I'd try the 20/10 method out here, because sorting receipts is a pain in the butt, even though it's helpful for balancing your budget. Get the tutorial on Home Storage Solutions 101.

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