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15 Home Decor Tips From Joanna Gaines That You'll Want To Steal Immediately

Shiplap (and Instagram!) queen ✨

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Any HGTV-lover knows Joanna is one of the most inspiring designers on the planet — but have you followed her personal Instagram?

It's packed with smart decorating and organizing ideas that anyone could pull off.

This includes the laundry room, too, if that's where you spend any significant portion of your week!

Instagram: @joannagaines

You don't have to me stuck to a computer to have a daily routine that could stand little infusions of joy.


8. Hang a clothes bar (or a tension rod) above your washer-dryer so you can hang both plants and anything you need to dry.

Of course, this works best if you don't already have cabinets above your washer and dryer. To hang plants, you'll probably want to screw the rod into the walls instead of attempting to hang something too heavy on a tension rod.

10. Have something that you need to do multiple times per week? Draw up a weekly schedule that you can reference through the month.

You could also put this on a chalkboard. Just put days on it, not dates, if you don't want to re-do it every month.