13 Stunning Charts That Will Teach You Something For Once In Your Life

    Starring: facts.

    National Geographic Infographics is a ginormous, eight-pound coffee table book of dreams that covers everything from history to physics to the animal world, and more.

    1. Four billion years ago volcanoes ruled the earth:

    2. Tulips come from Turkey and Marigolds come from Mexico:

    3. Earth could easily cozy up inside of Jupiter's core (and may have even more room than this graphic shows):

    4. Your dog can sniff up to five times every second:

    5. We use different types of wheat to make bread than we do to make pasta:

    6. Avalanches form when snow develops layers, like a parfait:

    7. Astronauts maneuvered Project Mercury's tiny capsule with a few control jets:

    8. The President, the third largest tree in the world, probably has over two billion leaves:

    9. The five cancers with the highest mortality rates are breast cancer, prostate cancer, pancreatic cancer, lung cancer, and colorectal cancer:

    10. The Spectacled Finch was the least-reported bird 2010's annual Backyard Bird Count:

    11. Light generates a "wake-up" cue in your brain, thanks to special cells in your retina:

    12. Egyptian pyramid design ~evolved~ over time:

    13. You are definitely going to die, but probably not by playing with fireworks or flying in an airplane:

    Science, right?