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    7 Quick Ways To Actually Declutter Your Life

    A little bit neater is still neater!


    1. Cut your hand soap cost and use in half (and still get clean hands) by looping a rubber band around your soap pump.

    This works for grown ups, too — my roommates and I have been doing this because we all have a tendency to press the soap pump all the way down. And if you for whatever reason just need a little bit more soap, just pump it twice. From here.

    2. Put velcro stickers in your drawers and on the bottom of your drawer organizers to keep the baskets from sliding around.

    Kuzak's Closet

    See more of this organized makeup drawer at Kuzak's Closet, and buy a set of 200 (!) velcro dots for $12.40 here.

    3. If you have a collection of embroidery floss, organize it by color around clothespins.

    So much easier than trying to untangle it bit by bit (seriously — I just started embroidering, and I do it now, too.) From here.

    4. Use three small pieces of wood to make your spices easy to see in your cabinet.

    This tutorial has you cut them yourself, but you can ask your hardware store to cut them for you. Just make sure to push it to the back of the cabinet or at least secure the blocks together, so you don't accidentally knock everything over! (Or if that sounds like too much work, just buy a tiered spice rack like this one, $10).

    5. Turn an empty plastic bottle and old CD or DVD into a wall-mounted plastic bag dispenser.

    And keep it in your pantry or on the inside door of one of your kitchen cabinets. If you have more plastic bags than will fit in the dispenser, then recycle them at your local grocery store (most stores will take empty bags). Here's the tutorial.

    6. Stick magnet bars on the back of your metal medicine cabinet to hold small bathroom necessities.

    You don't have to cover them in fabric, but they do look pretty that way. Here's the full tutorial.

    7. Turn three empty cereal boxes into a pretty letter sorter.

    These are covered with this wrapping paper, but you can use whatever kind of paper you like. Here's the full tutorial.

    Want more organizing ideas? See last week's tricks (plus more!) here.