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    15 Charts For Anyone Trying To Be A Better Adult This Month

    Prepare your planners.

    1. Book your flights for summer or spring break now — and do it on the least expensive days.

    2. As your days start to get busier, try basic bodyweight exercises that you can do while your shower warms up in the mornings.

    3. Save money and the environment by shopping for produce that's in season this month.

    4. File your taxes before the end of the month to potentially help save yourself money in the long run — and maybe get a bigger refund.

    5. While you've got ~money on your mind~, check in on your savings — or set up a saving plan that works for you, if you haven't already.

    6. Try out a daily mental health tracker like this one — or if it's easier, use a similar format but for weeks instead of days.

    7. Speaking of self-awareness, familiarize yourself with intersectional feminism and the complexities of feminism as an identity for International Women's Day on March 8.

    8. Pick a new book to read that piques your interest.

    9. Give your home a fresh start and sign up for BuzzFeed's 10-day Spring Cleaning Challenge.

    10. Or if you really want to give your living space a deep clean and refresh, follow this huge checklist of everything you should clean, plus why and how you should clean it.

    11. Planning a May wedding? If you don't have your bouquet, space, and baker booked, do it in March.

    12. Make a few simple changes so the March 12 "spring forward" doesn't catch you off guard.

    13. Depending on your ~hardiness zone~, March is the earliest you might begin planting a vegetable garden.

    14. Or, plan and build your own vertical window farm to grow veggies and herbs in your tiny apartment.

    15. Now that you know what to do, pick your top six and and write 'em down.