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31 Incredibly Clever Ways To Organize Your Tiny Kitchen

Storage, maximized.

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Jenny Chang / BuzzFeed
Jenny Chang / BuzzFeed

1. Install kitchen sink drawers that tip out.

You need all the space you can get. Here's a tutorial from someone who actually installed it, and you can get a set of two trays and two sets of hinges from Rockler for $15.99 or Amazon for $19.99 (available in 11 or 14 inches).

2. Keep an over-the-sink cutting board handy to temporarily expand your counter space.

Emily Han /

If you have a tiny kitchen, you know that counter space comes at a premium. Get a similar one on Amazon for $29.97, or one without a colander (that can also sit over your stove burners, when they're not on) for $24.85.

3. Maximize your under-sink storage space with a pocket organizer.

Got sewing machine skills? Here's a tutorial for making your own custom-size pocket organizer. Otherwise, you could buy an inexpensive over-the-door shoe organizer (like one at Target for $8.39 or a similar one on Amazon for $7.37), and cut it to fit — it will have enough pockets to cover at least two different doors.

4. Make the under-cabinet vertical space work for you with the help of two Command hooks and a small basket.

From here. Get more Command Hook organization ideas here, and a pack of 20 medium-sized hooks on Amazon for $12.82.

5. You can also repurpose old magazine holders as Ziploc bag and aluminum foil holders.

Command strips are basically the easiest and best route for attaching storage to the inside of your cabinets. Here's the tutorial.

6. If you're a go-big-or-go-home type, invest in a rolling shelf system.

You can find dozens of pre-made rolling cabinet storage options, like this one at Home Depot for $40.87, or a two-tier one on Amazon for $90.49. Or, carpenters can build it themselves with these plans from Family Handyman.

7. Create extra counter space — and keep everything nice and dry — by buying an over-the-sink shelf.,

This one fits over tall faucets (it's 13.75 inches high) and expands up to 35.5 inches long, so it can stretch over double sinks. Get it on Amazon for $42.50.

8. Give the bare sides of cabinets (like those that face your sink) a purpose.

See how to make this happen with IKEA products here.

9. If cup and glass storage is at a premium, you can also install small shelves.

Barn Light Electric / Via

Pretty glasses optional. From here.

10. If space above your sink allows, you can hang a simple rail from your ceiling.

Kristina S. /

This one's from Ikea, $3.99. Pot rack problems? Solved. From here.

Jenny Chang / BuzzFeed

11. Hang corkboards on the inside of your cabinet door to take advantage of every bit of space.

You can use hooks to hang measuring cups, like here, or to pin recipes and coupons. From here, and get four cork tiles on Amazon for $28.95.

12. Keep measuring equivalents and measuring cups handy with some hooks, chalkboard paint, and a chalk marker.

It's amazing what chalkboard paint can do, and a chalk marker won't smear when you accidentally brush it with your hand. Get a set of four colors from Michael's for $12 or a set of 12 colors from Amazon for $16.99.

13. You could also hang a sheet of tin on the inside of your cabinets to create a magnetic spice rack.

Cork in some cabinets, spice rack in others. See the tutorial here.

14. Naturally, a magnetic spice rack would also work well on the side of your fridge.

Learn how to make these cute magnetic spice holders (from baby food jars!) here.

15. This version uses baskets instead of individual jars.

Get the directions here. You can find supplies on Amazon: similar small plastic baskets, $8.95 for six, and super strong magnets with a 3M adhesive, $9.79 for six.

16. Use screw-hooks in the top of an awkward corner cabinet to turn it into a pot rack.

From here. Get a pack of 25 screw hooks from Home Depot for $6.21.

17. Or, invest in a Lazy Susan cabinet to make all of that awkward corner space more accessible.

You have to get the one above (which is this one) at a cabinet store, but you can also buy ones you install yourself, like this one from Home Depot for $71.52.

18. Use Sugru (a moldable glue that sets into silicone rubber) to make customized pot lid holders on the inside of your cabinets.

Get a pack of eight on Amazon for $19.99, and find the tutorial here.

19. The insides of cabinets are also great places to put hooks for rags, gloves, and pot holders.

20. Put shelves on top of your shelves.

Use all of that vertical space. These start at $11.99 at The Container Store.

21. OR put shelves UNDER your shelves.

These undershelf baskets start at $6.99 at The Container Store.

22. Make it easier to find the pan you need by stacking them using pan dividers.

You can get similar dividers starting at $3.99 at The Container Store. From here.

23. Organize lighter items like baking sheets and cooling racks with a dividing file rack.

Small kitchen bakers, you know the struggle. Get a similar rack for $12.99 from Office Depot, and see the tutorial here.

24. Make up with shelves what you might lack in cabinets.

Especially helpful if someone forgot to build a pantry in your apartment. Learn how to keep all that uncovered shelf space looking nice here.

Jenny Chang / BuzzFeed

25. Get a table that folds into the wall, like a murphy bed.

You can custom order this one here, or get a tutorial for how to build your own here.

26. If you have the space, a kitchen cart can serve multiple purposes.

It can serve as an extra counter, an extended storage area, or a temporary bar for entertaining. This is from Ikea, $179; styled by a blogger here.

27. Even a small, narrow rolling cart can majorly up your storage.

Stick it in a tiny awkward space that wouldn’t serve any use anyway. Get a similar cart on Amazon for $12.23.

28. Hang pots and pans somewhere up high.

Yeah, pot racks are usually reserved for expensive, fancy-ass kitchens, but if you’ve got the space above your head, why not use it for storage? This version is downsized for small kitchens; get it from Home Depot for $61.64.

29. Make yourself a pegboard wall organizer.

Sarah Coffey /

Great for when you don't understand why there aren't cabinets on blank walls, or when you have walls too small for cabinets but wide enough to hang a pot. See the step-by-step tutorial here.

30. Line the area right underneath the ceiling with shelves, especially if your cabinets don't reach all the way up.

See how they built this one here.

31. Skip the counter-hogging knife block in favor of a magnetic knife strip, especially if counter space (and drawer space) comes at a premium.

Sherrie and Oliver /

Put your backsplash to work instead. Magnetic knife holders come in a variety of price ranges: one for $16.99 at Bed Bath & Beyond, one for $19.99 on Amazon, or one for $99.95+ at Williams Sonoma. Or, get a tutorial for how to make your own here.