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27 Clever Halloween Decorations To Make With Dollar Store Stuff

Hocus pocus on the cheap.

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8. Haunt your porch with these adorable ping-pong ball and cheesecloth ghosties.

They light up! You could also make them without the lights, and just hang them from string. Here's the tutorial, and here's an alternative tutorial that might make them easier to hang up individually.

11. Use a similar technique to make your own dessert plates.

However, if you want to be able to eat off of them, you should buy clear glass plates instead, and Mod Podge the designs to the back of them so that the designs show through the glass, because Mod Podge isn't food-safe. Here's the tutorial.


21. Hot glue yarn and plastic spiders (or googly eyes!) to simple glass votives, and drop a candle in there for a spooky glow.

And cool shadows on the walls. This tutorial uses small holders, but you could also make this a centerpiece by doing it with a larger vase.

22. Cut eye-shapes in toilet paper rolls, insert a glow stick or two, and let them haunt everyone who walks by your yard.

You've probably seen this idea elsewhere on the internet, but this tutorial helpfully suggests taping the two open sides of the roll, so that the glowstick stays in place.

23. Press white glue and food coloring between sheets of wax paper to create your own bloody window clings.

Make sure to read the full tutorial before you attempt this! Handprints are super easy, but you could also experiment with other shapes.


24. Paint bigger toys — like insects — gold, and turn them into faux taxidermy worthy of the creepiest haunted house.

Easy. Creepy. Gold metallic acrylic paint would work in place of the gold leaf, although it might be slightly less ~authentic~-looking. Here's the tutorial.

Now bring on the trick or treaters!!! You'll be the most intensely decorated house in the neighborhood.