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    Updated on Jul 23, 2019. Posted on Jul 26, 2016

    5 Insanely Clever DIYs That You'll Actually Want To Try

    Cute, easy, and cool!

    Jenny Chang / BuzzFeed

    1. Design and wear your own emoji pins using shrinkable plastic.

    The pin trend is adorable, but they can be kind of expensive for something so small. And you don't have to be good at drawing to make these pretty: you simply print out your favorite designs on regular paper, then trace over them on the shrinking paper. Get the full tutorial here.

    2. Transform any lidded basket into a custom picnic basket with glue and pretty elastic.

    This project will probably take you about half an hour, even if you're measuring the elastic for the utensils and glasses twice before gluing them down (which, protip: you should). Of course, you should let the glue dry, too, before trying to use the basket. It makes a great gift stuffed with snacks and wine, too. Learn how to make it here.

    3. Screw hooks into an inexpensive tray so you never have to pull out your phone to remember the date.

    You can use whatever color scheme or gift tags you like the best, too. Just double check that your pencil marks for the hooks are in the right place. And if you're worried about your calligraphy coming out nicely, you can try computer-printable tags. Get the full tutorial here.

    4. Hang a drawer slide above your TV to easily hide it behind pretty pieces of art.

    Yes this looks crazy complicated, and yes you will need a drill and a level. But the end product is so worth it. Just make sure to read the full tutorial first, and buy picture frames that will actually fit. Learn how to do it here.

    5. Make your own glowy outdoor globe lights using holiday lights and ping pong balls.

    It's a Pinterest classic for a reason. Learn how here; to make sure you get it right, you can use a pencil to mark where the "x" should go on the ping pong ball before your cut into it. But if you screw up, it's okay — ping pong balls are incredibly cheap (you can get 144 balls for $7.95 here.

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