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    21 Gifts For People Who Are Completely Obsessed With Tea

    "To tea or not to tea" is not a legitimate question.

    Amy Sefton / BuzzFeed

    We hope you love the products we recommend! Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales from the links on this page.

    1. These tea tees.

    $22 here and $29 here.

    2. A "Sip-Hop" mug.

    But uh, please don't drop my tea. I'm going to drink it. $12 here.

    3. Lotion scented like a Chai spice blend.

    $6.50 for 4 ounces, here.

    4. A cozy tea pillow for your favorite tea-drinking spot.

    $31.37 here and $13.72 here.

    5. A cute little cross stitch.

    All the love of something handmade, except you don't have to make it! $19.09, here.

    6. A "tea light" that's actually shaped like a cup of tea!

    And not just a tiny lame candle. $115, here.

    7. A mug that helps you pour in just the right amount of milk.

    8. Or mugs that reveal cute forest creatures as you sip.

    $24, here.

    9. A tea cozy posing as a hat.

    (Actually, it's a hat posing as a teapot). $40, here.

    10. A tea-time tea-cal.

    Get it? $25.61 here.

    11. These tea-scented soaps.

    The Earl Grey soap is $6.29 here, and the Green tea soap is $6 here.

    12. This bossy tea tote.

    13. Some twee tea jewelry.

    The rings are $12.99 here, and the necklace is $15 here.

    14. A set of temporary tea tattoos. (Tea-ttoos?)

    $4.64, here.

    15. A teapot print scarf.

    $24.50, here.

    16. Phone skins that declare your tea allegiance.

    $15 each, here and here.

    17. Infusers for the tea-loving geek.

    The Death Star is is $20 here, and the TARDIS is $20 here.

    18. A teapot and a coaster for the Lionel Richie slash tea fan.

    The teapot is $40 here, and the coaster is $12.59 here.

    19. A clock that knows that anytime = tea time.

    It's $33.50, here.

    20. A couple of cute tea towels to class up your tea time.

    $18.43 here and $10 here.

    21. And, naturally: the Mr. Tea Pot.

    He's $40, here.

    Now go make all of your tea loving friends (or your tea loving self) happier than the Mad Hatter on his unbirthday.

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