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21 Mac And Cheese Recipes Your Kids Will Probably Love

More cheese, please!

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1. Super Easy Slow-Cooker Mac and Cheese

When you want something a little nicer than the boxed stuff without spending too much time in the kitchen. Here's the recipe.

2. Mac and Cheeseburgers

That oooooooze. See how to make them here.

3. Fried Mac-and-Cheese Balls with a Potato Chip Coating

Delicious, as long as you're up for a deep fry. Here's the recipe.

4. 10-Minute Mac-and-Cheese Pizza

With "optional" bacon crumbles. Here's the recipe.

5. One-Pot Pepperoni Pizza Mac and Cheese

Sometimes you CAN have it all. Here's the recipe.

6. Easy Mac-and-Cheese Waffles

Making your favorite boxed brand even better. Here's the recipe.

7. Macaroni-and-Cheese Pancakes

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With a panko coating, naturally. Here's the recipe.

8. Creamy Butternut Squash Mac and Cheese

There's a little parm in there, but the creamy deliciousness comes primarily from the squash. Here's the recipe.

9. Instant Mac and Cheese in a Mug

Perfect for when your kids are whining for food and you are beat. Here's the recipe.

10. Mac and Cheese and Beef Tacos

Very messy, very tasty. Here's the recipe.

11. Mini Muffin Mac and Cheese

Great for small fingers to grab. Here's the recipe.

12. Mexican Mac and Cheese–Stuffed Bell Peppers

Spiced up with a little cilantro and jalapeño. If you're making them for kiddos who don't enjoy any bit of spiciness, though, you can add jalapeño to just half of the pepper cups (or skip it entirely). Here's the recipe.

13. Baked Vegan Mac and Cashew Cheese

If you need a gluten-free version, you could substitute GF pasta. Here's the recipe.

14. Mac and Cheese Soup

Basically just a more liquid-y cheese sauce, but who's complaining? Here's the recipe.

15. Mini Mac and Cheese Pot Pies

With crusts made of crescent roll dough! Here's the recipe.

16. Loaded Mac and Cheese Nachos

Featuring another vegan mac and cheese recipe! But of course, you could put any mac and cheese on top. Here's the recipe.

17. One Pot Mac and Cheese Chili

18. Bacon Mac and Cheese Melt

One of the few ways to make classic mac even better: add bacon and more carbs. It's a great way to use up leftovers! Here's the recipe.

19. Bacon Mac and Cheese Egg Rolls

You can bake the rolls instead of frying them by following these instructions, and substituting a mac and cheese filling. Here's the recipe.

20. Mac and Cheese Dogs

You could top your favorite hot dogs with your favorite mac and cheese, or make this delicious creamy version. Here's the recipe.

21. Perfect Baked Macaroni and Cheese

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A classic. Here's the recipe.

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