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    28 Things You Miss About Texas When You Leave

    The stars at night, and just about everything else.

    1. Honey Butter Chicken Biscuits.

    2. Those Taco Taco tortillas.

    3. Sunsets that go on forever.

    4. And ever.

    5. And ever.

    6. Those long, open roads.*

    7. Local brews in the backyard.

    8. Not to mention the local wines.

    9. The grocery store that has everything you could ever want.

    10. And its fancy pants big sister, Central Market.

    11. The movie theater that serves you beer and fresh popcorn.

    12. Dance halls where you can two-step to live music.

    13. Tubing down the Comal.

    14. The bathrooms and the snack selection at Buc-ees.

    15. People who don't give you a weird look when you say "y'all."

    16. Your yearly bluebonnet photo session.

    17. Your yearly bluebonnet photo session with your pets.

    18. The view from the top of Enchanted Rock.

    19. The taste of these guys as they melt in your mouth.

    20. And the smell of fresh breakfast kolaches.

    21. Eating the only kind of barbecue that counts.

    22. That deep chill you feel floating in Barton Springs.

    23. The blissful warmth of Texas summer sun on your skin.

    24. Then the snow cones you savor in the car when you can't stand the heat anymore.

    25. And of course, seeing the Texas flag...

    26. ...just...

    27. ...about...

    28. ...everywhere.

    Texas, no other state compares to you.