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What's Your Secret For Getting A Job Right After College?

What worked for you?

Did you actually get a job within a year of when you graduated from college? Yes?


HOW DID YOU DO IT? What's the ~secret~?

Maybe it was a particular piece of job advice (from a book, a professor, or somewhere else) that actually worked for you. What was that advice?


Maybe you applied to a thousand different jobs online. How did you keep track of them all?

Or, maybe, you bit the bullet and cold-called an HR department (or two or 20 or whatever). What did you say that actually worked?

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OR you focused on networking instead, and have a good story about your strategy and why it worked.


Maybe you were one of the lucky few to have an internship one summer that ~transformed~ into a job when you got your diploma, because you were able to freelance with them through your school year.


Or something else entirely — and you're down to share all of the details.

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Help out the class of 2017: How did you get a job right out of college?

For context, please say what the job was, and how long you stuck with that job before finding another!