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Here’s How To Organize Literally Everything With Command Hooks

Hook it. Hook it real good.

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1. Hooks have many functional uses in the kitchen — like holding baking utensils.

3. And, of course, hot pads.

If you hang them on the wall or side of the fridge, they can do double duty as decor.


7. Add some shower curtain rings and rods to the side of your fridge for an easy-to-customize kids art gallery.

Even better: This keeps the art in nice, neat rows, and it will never fall off because the magnet isn't magnet-y enough. From here.


14. Combine the organizational power of hooks and caddies, and everyone CAN have their own shower rack.

Just hang 'em on their own hooks. (Make sure to use water-resistant adhesive, if you're using adhesive hooks.) From here.


16. Store the entire family's sunglasses on two hooks and a dowel (you can make sure the dowel stays in place with a tiny bit of sticky tack).

But no guarantees your teenager won't "borrow" your favorite pair every time they head out. Get the instructions here.

18. And a small hook nestled on top of a doorframe can hold banners and bunting.

Because they're on top of the doorframe, you can leave them up year-round (so hanging birthday streamers, 4th of July bunting, and Christmas garland is super fast). Get a tutorial for this pretty banner here.


25. Or just along the sides of a shelf.

Or on your wall, or the back of your closet door.

28. Painting plastic hooks can help your decorations look more finished.

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I mean, if you know they're Command Hooks, they'll still look like Command Hooks. But they won't stand out quite as much. From here.

31. Give yourself some extra shelving in a small dorm room by hanging a spice rack on your wall.

Spice racks (like this one and this one) tend to be prettier than bathroom shower caddies, but those work too.