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    16 Tiny Home Improvement Hacks That Actually Make A Big Difference

    Smart problem solvers, from drilling to decor.

    Zoë Burnett / BuzzFeed

    We asked the BuzzFeed Community for tips to make home improvement projects faster, better, and easier. Here are their responses — along with some of our own favorites.

    1. Catch the dust anytime you drill in drywall — just use a folded Post-It note.,

    When drilling a hole in the wall, take a large Post-It, fold it, and stick it to the wall a little below where you will drill. It will catch the "crumbs."

    —Deb Rebel, Facebook

    From Instructables and Kim's Kitchen Sink.

    2. Remove stripped screws in no time by putting a rubber band over the top of the screw.

    3. And when a screw refuses to actually stay in a hole anymore, fill it up with toothpicks and wood glue.

    Use toothpicks and a little wood glue to fill a hole that a screw will no longer stay in. My dad taught me this 30 years ago and I still use it! —Erin Clancy Lazzarini, Facebook

    Then you can re-drill the pilot hole. From Take The Side Street.

    4. Hold a nail with a clothespin or needle-nose pliers to save your thumb from any accidental smashing.

    If you have to drive a nail, use a wooden spring clothespin OR a pair of cheap needle-nose pliers to hold the nail. In case you miss, no fingers smashed. —Deb Rebel, Facebook

    From Money Talks News.

    5. Line your painter's tray with plastic wrap or foil for easy cleanup.,

    Best tip I know: whenever you're painting, take a painters tray and line the inside with plastic wrap. Then leave a couple inches resting out of it. When you’re done using your paint you can take it by the corners and pour it back into the tray.


    From Family Handyman and Live Love DIY.

    6. Or a plastic bag, so you can completely contain any mess.

    I line my paint tray with a plastic grocery bag. When done panting, just peel it off inside-out and tie the handles in a knot. I usually slip that one inside another one to make sure any mess is contained.


    From 2 Little Superheroes.

    7. Label your circuit breakers so when a one flips — or you need to cut the power — it's not an ordeal.

    Take the time to figure out and relabel your electrical panel.


    First Home Love Life color-coded theirs, but any kind of labeling system works.

    8. A paint edger will give you sharp lines without tape every time.

    To paint perfect lines between the wall and ceiling, just get an edger. My dad is very old school and believes you should use tape to get perfect lines. But I borrowed an edger from a friend and that thing worked wonders! I will never tape my ceilings again! —nemi1969

    Get this one from Home Depot for $5.36, and a similar one from Amazon for $5.51.

    9. Store your paint rollers and paintbrushes wrapped in plastic in the fridge overnight when you have to do more than one coat.

    Store paint rollers overnight in a plastic bag in the fridge so they don't dry out and so you don't have to wash them mid-job.


    You could also stick the roller in a big plastic bag, instead of using the pictured plastic wrap. From Ugly Duckling House.

    10. Hang a frame *exactly* where you want it with a dot of toothpaste: just put it on the frame where you want the nail to hang + press the frame against the wall.,

    Put a dot of toothpaste where the nail will line up on the back of your frame, then place it against the wall where you want it to go. Put the picture aside and now you have a toothpaste dot exactly where your nail should go — which makes putting it in the wall easy. Just nail it, wipe away extra toothpaste, and hang your frame! All while staying minty fresh.


    From Somewhat Simple and Bless'er House.

    11. And use plain, white toothpaste to fill small nail holes in your wall.

    Small holes like nail holes in walls can easily be filled with plain white toothpaste. Just add toothpaste, let dry, and if needed sand and paint over. On white walls, no sanding or painting is usually even needed.


    From here.

    12. Use a strip of painter's tape to make a perfect template when you have to line up two nails in the wall.

    13. Drill perpendicular holes every single time by putting together this simple guide from two pieces of scrap wood.

    14. Avoid a "walking" drill by making a small divot after marking where the hole will be.


    After marking but before touching the drill down, I take a large sharp screw and use it to "punch" the spot where I want to start drilling. With a bit of pressure I can make a dimple to start the bit in, and it doesn't walk when I start.

    —Deb Rebel, Facebook

    15. Completely hide screws using a countersink bit and wood filler.,

    If you are going to be using screws in anything you will display or if you want to make sure you have a flush finish, get a countersink bit. The wood won't splinter and the screw will finish *just* below the surface. You can get all fancy and use wood filler to completely hide the screws. —Michael Munger, Facebook

    From DIY Doctor and Pink Toes and Power Tools.

    16. Get perfect, sharp caulk lines every time by framing your lines out with strips of painter's tape.

    Note: Responses have been lightly edited for length or clarity.

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